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Tire Buying Guide

Two Common Ways to Check for Worn Tire

Wear Bars

Look for the wear bars, they are the narrow bands that appear in the grooves across the tread of the tire.

When the wear bars are even with the depth of the tread, that means that only 2/32-inch of tread is remaining.

Peradventure you are able to see the wear bars, then your tire needs to be replaced.

Penny Test

To test if your tread has been worn out, place a penny into the most shallow tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing down.

If the top of his head is still visible it means it is worn far too much, then the tire needs to be replaced.

Is It Safe to Drive All-season Tires on Snow?

Your all-season tires are good on light snow, they offer good traction.

However, they can’t replace snow tires.

Like most tires they also have their limitations, in other words, they are not suitable on heavy snow.

Nonetheless, if you experience occasional snowfall in your area all-season tires can be considered but for freezing and cold weather, ice, or heavy snow, you should buy excellent winter tires.

How Do I Know the Right Tire Size to Choose?

You can determine the right size tire for your car in two different ways.

You can use the right tire search to search by your vehicle by entering in the year, make, and model in the vehicle and tire size search and it will give you the right size you need.

Also, you can determine your tire size by looking in your vehicle’s owner manual, on the inside of the vehicle’s door, or analyzing the sidewall of your tire.

When Do You Need to Buy New Tires?

Knowing you need some replacement for your tires can be an exhausting task, however, we hope to make the process easier.

Peradventure you find your tire punctured and flat by a nail or some other sharp object or road hazard, it can still be repaired or inflated, as long as the puncture is not too deep, if the puncture is less than ¼ inch, and also if you have not driven on the damaged tire.

If you find your tire exhibit any of this condition contact your local auto service center.

They will tell you if your tire needs replacement or can still be repaired.

Quite important to check your tires at least once every month, you want to be sure your tires are safe to drive on and to determine if they are in need of service or some replacement.

Remember worn tires are against the law but most importantly they are unsafe.

Legally, the minimum thread depth is 2/32 inches. When the road is wet 4/32 or less thread can mean a high risk of significant loss in wet traction, therefore, putting at risk your life and the life of your passenger.

How Do You Know When Your Tire Expires?

Look closely at each side of your tires, look for a number that starts with the letter ‘DOTS’ followed by a series of 10-12 characters.

The last four digits of the DOT code are the date of the manufacturer.

The first two digits are the week of the manufacture while the last two digits are the year it was manufactured.

For example, if the last four digits of the DOT code are 0310, that means that the tire was manufactured during the third week of the year 2010 or when next you purchase your tire hang on to the proof of your purchase either the receipt or confirmation email so you won’t have to refer to your tire sidewalls.