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best tire mounting machine

A Tire Mounting Machine or Tire Changer as it is mostly called, is an equipment that is used by Tire Experts in dismounting and also mounting tires with automobile wheels. The machine is featured with some components, like air pressure system and the tire installer, which performs excellently all its tasks after the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the automobile.

The mounting machine is manufactured for automobile tire technicians, and aids them to be able to replace tires on automobiles, light or heavy-duty trucks and motorcycles. It also can be acquired personally by car owners. But reaching for the best choice in the tire mounting machine for your shop or for your own purposeful use, is such an important decision to be taken.

Here are few tips which will give you some guide in your purchase of the best tire mounting machine, because there are some terms to be kept in mind before reaching for a tire mounting machine or a tire changer. These conditions will help you make the best choice of tire changer.


tire changer1. Nationwide NW-530 and NW 953 wheel balancer

2. Triumph NTC -950 tire changer


4. Mophorn manual tire spreader for light truck and car

5. Goplus tire changer

6. Powerlift PTC tire mounting machine


8. Mayflower-1.5HP semi-automatic tire changer

9. Sunroad Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer

10. Hofmann Monty 1270 Tire Changer

11. Yaheetech Tire Mount Demount

12. John Bean T8058WL Tire Changer


Frequently Asked Questions

How many type of tire mounting machine /changer are available?

There are different type of tire mounting machines or tire changer as they are often called. All packed with an advanced technological feature that renders quick and excellent services that your vehicle deserves and in return gives you a take back smiles as you ride back home.

Does the tire mounting machine come with warranty?

Usually, there is always a warranty of 12 months on the mounting machines or tire changer. Nothing else comes below this or higher, except you’re given a price discount. In case of any damage that can occur during use the manufacturers are usually not held responsible.

What type of tire changer do I need?

Before opting for a particular mounting machine of your choice, and which will suit your immediate needs, the kind of vehicle you use needs to be determined as there are various kinds of changer machines out there that are manufactured specifically for all kinds of vehicles.

From passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks, light-trucks down to motorcycles. Also, you must be familiar with the type and size of the wheel of the vehicle you are buying the tire changer for, to avoid costly damage.

Can my garage support tire mounting machine?

Having the best tire changer with 100{2e1e219470849bf7ec91275b0a9fbc84b08096e911ffdb617f5afdb5ab7ea907} quality features as one of the equipment in a vehicle garage or shop is such a brilliant decision to be taken.

In spite of the fact that you can change your vehicle tires or repair them, it lessens the stress of taking your vehicle to the technicians and saves you cost.

On the other hand, there might not be any shop at a closer distance to your house probably when time factor should be greatly considered.

And hence, will make you travel miles to get to one, not to talk of when you have to queue before you’re attended to. Though, some of the tire changers often causes strains majorly in ones back which can bring health complication.

So, you have to be very sure of the one to get and also, putting into consideration the size of your garage, as there are some tire mounting machines that are designed basically for big garage.

Can the tire changer balance car tire?

There are vast numbers of tire changer that comes with the features of wheel or tire balancing. Tire balancing is also known as wheel balancing and it involves the process by which the tire changer equalizes the weight of the vehicle tire and the wheel assembly, to aid a smooth spinning ride at high speeds and also prevent vibration at certain speeds.

What is the bead breaking of the tire?

This is a tool that is used to separate tires from the rims around the wheel of the vehicle. Bead breaking is the process of removing the bead seats from the rims around the wheel.

This bead is the inner most diameter of the tire that interconnects with the wheel. The bead breaker is usually at the right side of the mounting machine and are operated by foot pedal.

Types of mounting tire

You should check the lists of the type of tire changer cause it will come in handy, giving you information that’s needed in getting to know which type of tire changer you can purchase in your local tire store or online for your personal use and also, make a choice of the one that best suits your vehicle.

best tire changer


The motorcycle tire changer is in low degree and not as sophisticated as the passenger cars, heavy-duty and light trucks tire changer.

The major reason being that they operate on smaller and lighter vehicle wheels. Their rim clamps are manually powered and they provide a simple bead separation system.

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Heavy-duty truck tire changer:

These class of tire changer usually requires larger equipment because they deal with heavier vehicle tire wheels. They are majorly acquired and used for off-road and construction trucks and for agricultural purposes.

Features multitasks equipment, the tire mounting machines are designed to demount and mount larger diameter tires.

Semi-automatic and automatic tire changer:

The semi-automatic and automatic tire changer aids assembly operation on tires with rim measurement 10’’,22’’ to 24’’in diameter. Built for cars and light delivery trucks wheels.

List of mounting machines

Nationwide NW-530 and NW 953 wheel balancer

1. Nationwide NW-530 and NW 953 wheel balancer:

This model is an exceptional one and can be purchased by a technician who run a small shop. They are quite affordable at the despite been really valuable.

You sure will have all your desired features on this tire mounting machine. From its swing arm tool that manually demount and mount tire, to the duo acting cylinders and four pneumatic clamps.

Apart from the water separator, lubricator and air pressure regulator, there is a bead breaker on its side with bead seating inflator jets which are integrated in the clamp jaws that insures a very quick and safe inflation.


  • Bead seating inflator jets that integrates the clamp jaws
  • Has a water separator, lubricator and air pressure regulator
  • A swing arm tool that provides easy fixing and tire removal

Triumph NTC -950 tire changer

2. Triumph NTC -950 tire changer:

In case you’re in search of a tire mounting machine that are of working capabilities on vehicles. Look no further as we have the triumph ntc -950 tire changer coming with features that suits your needs.

Loaded with a jet blast inflation system and an effective bead breaker system, this duo combo mounting machine comes with a wheel balancer and a feature of a foot pedal on it.

This is channeled to helping you save costs in buying a wheel balancer differently. Also, featured with a lube brush and bucket, tire iron, wheel clamp covers and a metal and plastic separating head.

Built for wheel serving outlets and also can be acquired for personal home use.


  • It comes in duo of tire changer and a wheel balancer
  • It can effectively handle tires with maximum diameter of 43 inches
  • There is a foot pedal on the wheel balancer, which keeps the wheel in place




STKUSA stark tire changer is a very nice option to give a consideration to, when you’re in need of a capable tire changer on larger tires.

It only requires you to have a sturdy base before you operate it. And be very sure of an exceptional performance in the result you get when you change your tires.


  • Has a solid steel and aluminum construction
  • It protects the bead of tubeless tires on trucks
  • Demounts tires from 17.5 to 24.5’ inches

Mophorn Tire Mount Demount Tool, Tire Changer Steel Bead Breaker

4. Mophorn manual tire spreader for light truck and car:

Manufactured with an advantage of an adjustable stand which will make it more useful for light trucks and cars because it is used to clip the spread tire.

Very efficient and it makes fixing process very fast and easy. Useful spreader for light truck tire and car tires, there is also a wide and stable work surface that can fit into different angles.


  • It has a 360-degree swiveling platform
  • The tire spreader on cars and light truck tires


Goplus tire changer

5. Goplus tire changer:

If you are craving to have a personal manual mounting machine which can be taken along into the boot of your bus or the back of the truck, the Goplus tire changer is the best that you can have.

It does saves energy as a manually operated machine. Very resistant and durable. Best used for light truck tires and buses tires and it features a dynamic carbon steel, that is drop-forged, nylon rollers which helps to prevent the bead and prevent your vehicle tire from harm.


• Remove tire in a blink of an eye

• Works on 17.5 to 24 inches’ vehicle tires

• Made of carbon steel, that is drop-forged and aids its durability and withstanding physical force.



Powerlift PTC tire mounting machine

6. Powerlift PTC tire mounting machine:

It is easy to use, durable, portable and light weighted which makes it movable and can be housed somewhere at the back of your vehicle.

Gives complete stability when using because of its base that is wide enough to give a wonderful support at every time of use.

It is quite affordable and is suitable for tire changing shops. Nevertheless, it can also be purchased for personal home use.


•Stable and has a wide base that gives a good support

•It has a solid construction which is made from a very hard steel component

•Very light in weight and movable



ARKSEN 3PC Set Tire Changer Mount Demount Tool


This tubeless manual tire changer has a wide range of applications and universal fit for various kinds of vehicles. It is very fast and easy to use, as only a tool is needed to perform the magic of demounting the tires.

Very portable so you can have it in your car and with you at all times. Talk of the time frame, the mounting machine saves you a lot of time and less stress while it demounts tubeless tires within 10 seconds and have it remounted back in less than one minute.

Featured with a nylon roller that protect the tire bead and prevent it from damage. Also, its heavy-duty steel construction gives an assurance of long-life span.


  • Nylon rollers protects the tire beads
  • It prevents strains or serious injuries
  • Demounts stubborn tires of 17.5’ to 24.5’ inches
  • Very easy and quick to use, as only a tool is needed to demount the tires.


Mayflower-1.5HP semi-automatic tire changer


8. Mayflower-1.5HP semi-automatic tire changer:

The Mayflower is very affordable compared to its counterpart and it comes with a wheel combo that aids in it delivering a better performance.

The machine is featured with 3 centering cones, a very fast releasing wing nuts and some accessories, also with a 12 months warranty.

Though, the tire changer may not be able to work on every type of vehicle tires, but it is quite easy to assemble, very accurate and provides you with excellent results.


  • Rim clamping outside 10’’-18’’
  • Operating pressure 120-145 psi(8-10 bar)
  • Rim clamping inside 12’’-21’’
  • Bead break force 5600 lbs. pneumatic piston

Sunroad Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer

9. Sunroad Manual Portable Hand Tire Changer:

Sunroad Manual tire changer is very portable and durable and totally stress free when in use. This tire is worth having in your shop, home and most importantly in your car.

As it differs from the mounting machine, it aids you to change your tire at any situation and place. Made of high rated steel material, which is durable and sturdy.

It sure fits all kinds of tires mounting and dismounting from light trucks, cars, trailers to ATVs. With features to work on wheel size of 8’’ to 16’’ inches with a center hole through the rim and designed rust and corrosion resistant.


  • Fit almost all type of tires’ mounting and dismounting from cars to light trucks.
  • Has a locking collar, which holds tire firmly.
  • Very safe to work with as it won’t cause health complication.
  • Made of high rated steel material


10. Hofmann Monty 1270 Tire Changer:

This is an innovative mounting machine that is suitable for big tire repairing outlets with limited space. This tire changer is of course the best you can get as its very small, but delivers a maximum performance and productivity.

Manufactured with great and best features of all kinds. The tire changer has a plastic protector on its mount and demount head that protects delicate alloy rims, also is a duo acting bead breaker cylinder that ensures a precise rim handling.

This beautiful changer doesn’t require a big space but its strong design provide long time service.


  • Double acting bead breaker cylinder provide precise rim handling
  • Mounting arm swings to the side, which saves space installation.
  • Mount /Demount head is manually adjusted for non -rim contact operation.
  • Reliable and durable


Yaheetech Tire Mount Demount Tool Tire Changer Tools

11. Yaheetech Tire Mount Demount:

This awesome tire changer is very suitable to mount /demount tires from wheels of about 17.5 to 24.5 inches.

The portable tire changer is suitable for home, garage and also for local tire repair shop use. Having sturdy iron construction, stabilizes and balances ideally under heavy wheels. Featured with a nylon roller that protects the tire bead.

Its also important to know that this portable and durable mounting machine is suitable for radial and bias ply rated tires.


  • Suitable for most radial and bias ply rated tire
  • Nylon rollers that protects the tire bead
  • Material: Steel
  • Easy to handle bed breaker


12. John Bean T8058WL Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer:

This mounting machine renders service for Heavy-Duty trucks and its easier, faster and great for business owners. The rotation and positioning of the mounting tool are independently controlled, saves time and increases productivity.

Coming with a feature of hydraulically- operated self-centering four jaws chuck that can be shifted to the bottom as much as 13.78’ from the carriage.


  • Long jaws to accommodate rims of high offset
  • Automatic operation of mounting tool and preset by switch
  • Accommodation of rim flanges of up to 40 mm thick
  • High bead breaking force of up to 38kN


best tire changer machine


Above are the best Mounting / Demounting machine or Tire changer you can find in the sales store along with series of their kinds. With respect to their level of performance, the weight and the value they offer various vehicles they are best suitable for.

We do hope you find the ones that will best suit your purpose and which won’t cause you constraints and complicate your health. If you have any comment and question please leave them down below, we will be happy to hear from you.

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