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Use our tire size calculator to calculate the width, sidewall/height and diameter of your tire. Just type in a metric or standard size tire and it will calculate it for you. You can also check out our gear ratio calculator, wheel offset calculator, tire height calculator and tire comparison calculator.


Size: 235
Aspect Ratio: 35
Rim diameter: 19


Shop by size      

Most popular option is to search by your tire size, now if you are wondering how best to figure out your size, just follow this guide; for example you will find something like this “P 235/65R15 82H” on your tire sidewall

P 235/65R15 82H
P –

This stands for passenger which means passenger vehicle tire. Under the passenger category you will find car, SUV, minivans, crossover and small truck.

However, you could find other letters instead of the P which could be LT or ST.
LT –

Will mean light truck, which means the tire is designed for light truck vehicle

ST –

This will mean special trailer which means this tire is basically designed for heavy truck. Under this category you will find all kinds of trailers from both trailers to travel trailer etc.

Now it could be possible you find no letter before the number/digit. This will simply mean you have a metric tire.

235 –

Now follows the three digits. These three digits simply refers to the tire width which is measured in millimeters, it simply means 235 millimeters and this measurement is taken from the outer sidewall to the inner wall.

65 –

It is the aspect ratio; it is the ratio of the height of the tire’s cross-section to its width. In 235/65, it simply means 65{2e1e219470849bf7ec91275b0a9fbc84b08096e911ffdb617f5afdb5ab7ea907} as high as 235 is wide.

R –

Simply means radial tire

15 –

Simply stands for the size of the wheel, means this tire is built for a 15’’ diameter wheel.

82 –

Which is the digit after the gap simply stands for the load index. Represents the weight the tire can support from the vehicle.

H –

This is the last letter and it represents the speed rating which means how fast the vehicle can go and still maintain its stability and control as well as its handling and cornering, in essence all that has to do with its performance.

M+S –

If you find this, it simply stands for MUD+SNOW which shows the tire is equipped for all season surface and branded because it has been tested and approved by the industry.


This is three peak snowflake symbol which means the tire has winter  capabilities and it is branded because it has been tested and approved by the industry.


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