Best Run Flat Tires Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice to have less weight to deal with in your vehicle or not have to worry about your tires getting flat at an odd period or in odd places?

And isn’t it nice to have a tire that can keep moving normally even with zero pressure in it?

Well, this and more are the advantages of run-flat tires.

In this article, we will get to know more about run-flat tires and take a look at the tires reviews.

Best Run-Flat Tires

RUN FLAT TIRES1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP

2. Continental Contiprocontact SSR Runflat

3. Yokohama Advan Sport V103 ZPS

4. Pirelli winter Sottozero

5. Bridgestone Potenza RE050A pole position RFT

6. Firestone Firehawk wide oval RFT

7. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT

8. Bridgestone drive guard run-flat tire

9. Yokohama Avid ENVigor ZPS

10. Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP

The Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP is Michelin’s ultra-high-performance all-season run-flat tire is designed for sports cars, sporty coupes, and sedans.

It gives a sporty feel due to some good performance, even when the tire is left with no air pressure in it.

Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP (zero pressure) tire is designed to provide the highest level of ultra-high performance in most driving conditions while delivering good handling on a dry surface and good grip when driving on a wet surface.

You get all-season traction with this tire even when driving on light snow.

The Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ZP (zero pressure) run-flat tire is built with technologies that ultimately help it deliver an ultra-high performance.

The Helio+ Technology uses sunflower oil and extreme silica technology in its tread compound to enhance traction when driving on low temperatures or wet surfaces.

The compound is molded into an aggressive asymmetric tread pattern and the outer board shoulders feature more rubber and rigid blocks which provide a high level of lateral grip and improve its cornering abilities on a dry surface.

Its wide circumferential groove is designed to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, enhance braking on a wet surface, and aid short braking distance.

It is also engineered with Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology to evenly spread its contact patch pressures and temperatures.

There is the presence of two high-tensile, lightweight steel cord belts reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide cord in its internal structure to aid predictable handling and high-speed durability while delivering ride comfort.

Its reinforced sidewall is built to support the tire even after losing all its air pressure.


  • Helio+ Technology
  • Variable Contact Patch 3.0 technology
  • Perfect dry and wet traction
  • Excellent steering response
  • Outstanding cornering grip and stability
  • Great tread life


  • Good ride comfort, but not as great as expected.
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

Generally speaking, this is an excellent tire and certainly deserves the first place on our list, but we consider it important to mention that its creators paid more attention to make a tire that will meet the traction and cornering standards than to make a tire that will provide a comfortable ride.

Continental Contiprocontact SSR Runflat

Contiprocontact SSR is Continental’s run-flat tire designed with the SSR system which is a run-flat technology developed by Continental for low section tires.

This makes the tire compatible with all standard rims.

The Contiprocontact SSR is built with self-supporting reinforced sidewall that prevents the sidewall of the tire from being crushed between the rim and the road after getting flat.

It also prevents the tire from slipping off the rim.

This tire can drive up to 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km/h after getting punctured or losing its air pressure.

As a run-flat tire, you do not have to keep spare wheels in your car.

There will be more space in your car and the total weight of the car will be reduced being that there is no spare tire inside.

As recommended by the manufacturer, this tire should be mounted in pair of 4 and it is not allowed to be repaired.

It comes with a warranty of 6 years/ 80,000 Miles on its S and T rated sizes with 6 years/60,000 miles on its H rated sizes and 40,000 miles on the V rated sizes.

Furthermore, it comes with a uniformity warranty of 1 year or first 2/32 inch of wear and workmanship and materials warranty of 6 years with free replacement in its first year or 2/32 inch of wear.

Also, it comes with manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty for 1 Year or first 2/32 inch of wear.


  • SSR system
  • A warranty of 6 years/ 80,000 Miles on its S, H, and T rated sizes
  • A warranty of 40,000 miles on the V rated sizes
  • Road Hazard Warranty
  • Solid steering response
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Comfortable and quiet ride


  • Over bumps, the tire is not as great as other tires
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

All in all, we can say that the ContiProContact SSR is a great tire that boasts great dry traction as well as wet traction.

Plus, it comes with a solid warranty.

Being that run-flat tires tend to be quite expensive, the price of this model starts at $165, which we consider a good value for money.

Yokohama Advan Sport V103 ZPS

The Advan Sport V103 S is the run-flat tire produced in the Yokohama Advan series.

It is a sport tire with ultra-high-speed capabilities of over 300km/h which are developed to provide a good balance, sporty performance, comfortable ride with excellent performance on wet driving surfaces.

Advan sport V103 features high grip rubber which aids flexibility and strength when paired with performance cars.

The ADVAN Sport V103 is built with the latest technology and designed for speed and aids high resistance while accurately simulating the loading stress on your tires when driving.

It can be paired with OE approved vehicles like Audi A6 (C7), A7 (C7), Q7, S6 C7), S7 (C7), S8 (D3); Honda Legend, Mercedes-Benz C-Class (BR204), Mercedes-AMG ML63 (W164); Nissan Murano, 370Z; Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (997), Cayenne (E1), Cayenne (E2); Volkswagen Touareg.

V103 combines high performance with run-flat technology while giving great handling in both dry and wet driving conditions.

Its compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern and its high-grip rubber ensures flexibility and strength when driving.


  • Outstanding alance of sport and comfort
  • High-speed rating over 300 km/h
  • Excellent handling and braking
  • Wider sizes
  • OE approval spec available


  • Only available from accredited Yokohama ADVAN ZPS Run Flat Dealers
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

This is an excellent tire that is designed using such a technology that it is able to support the weight of the vehicle in zero pressure conditions.

What makes it stand out among the other tires is its exclusive construction for high speed, and high loading stress.

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

Winter Sottozero 3 run-flat tire is Pirelli’s performance winter/snow run-flat tire designed for high-performance cars.

It is suitable for drivers of high-performance vehicles that desire the winter performance tire without the fear of puncture.

Winter Sottozero 3 Run Flat tires feature Pirelli’s Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology that enhances safety and convenience by providing temporary extended mobility in case of a puncture or complete loss of air pressure.

It features Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology which allows the tire to perform well for up to 50 miles at 50 mph (80 km at 80 km/h) even when there is no air pressure left in the tire unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer for Original Equipment tires.

This tire is designed to give a great performance in the harshest and worst winter condition while giving good traction and handling on wet, dry and wintry surface.

Its innovative compound with specialized polymers improves the tread rubber compound’s mechanical, thermal and dynamic properties.

The compound of Sottozero 3 is molded into a directional pattern with an enlarged contact patch comprised of arrow-shaped center blocks and more rounded shoulders that help reduce the risk of hydroplaning by removing water and slush from its path.

The high-density 3D sipe technology was also used for improving braking performance and enhancing snow-to-snow traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped polyamide for thermal stability and for better adaptation to changes in road and air temperatures.

Winter Sottozero 3 Run Flat winter tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and it is branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.


  • Pirelli’s Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology
  • High-density 3D sipe technology
  • Three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol
  • Perfect traction, braking, and acceleration on snow, ice, slush, and wet surfaces
  • Dry traction, cornering, and handling stability on the cold pavement is best in class
  • Comfortable ride
  • Great value for the money


  • In need of a better treadwear
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

It is worth noting that when it comes to ultra-high performance winter tires, Pirelli Winter Sottozero is definitely among the best in this class,  and its performances are stunning in all areas.

If you choose it for your vehicle, you will notice that driving in wet conditions or on deep snow, ice, slush, freezing rain is not something to worry about anymore as the tire provides dependable traction and handling, while the ride remains smooth and comfortable.

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A is designed specifically for sports cars, sports coupe, and sedan drivers.

It is built to deliver solid dry and wet traction with exceptional cornering grip and good stability.

It has a silica content tread compound built into an asymmetric tread design.

Large tread blocks and a continuous center rib give stable driving on road surfaces and good performance when driving.

Also, they give a good grip in dry and wet conditions.

The tire is designed with a unique run-flat technology that allows you to drive up to 50 mph for 50 miles if unfortunately, you get a flat tire.

It features a run-flat version, with a great level of comfort and minimal road noise.

The one disadvantage of this tire is that you cannot drive on these tires when the temperature gets below 40 degrees or in winter weather conditions.

This model comes with a great warranty for materials and workmanship, as you get a 5-years warranty which includes free replacement during the first 3-years.

A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period.

There is also a 30-day buy and try guarantee that allows you to refund or exchange the tires when you are not satisfied with the purchase.


  • 5-years warranty
  • A 30-day buy and try guarantee
  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • The best performance in the corners
  • Quiet and comfortable ride
  • Durability


  • Cannot be used when the temperature gets below 40 degrees or in winter weather conditions.
  • Expensive
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

The Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT is certainly one of the best run-flat tires with the only disadvantage being that it is a summer high-performance tire.

It is not designed for harsh winter conditions.

However, if you do not need it for the drive during severe weather and you have enough money to afford it, the tire is highly recommended.

Firestone Firehawk wide oval RFT

Firestone Firehawk wide oval RFT
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The Firehawk Wide Oval RFT is firestone’s Ultra High-Performance Summer run-flat tire developed exclusively for the drivers of Chevrolet C6 Corvettes.

The Firehawk Wide Oval RFT is designed to keep moving even if you get a puncture with complete air loss.

The Firehawk Wide Oval RFT is not designed for near-freezing temperatures performance, neither is it for snow or ice-driving, but it gives responsive handling and good traction on a wet and dry surface.

The Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology features three core elements: CO·CS, a Computer Optimized Component System which allows design and manufacturing processes to work more cooperatively and aid more efficient tire that delivers all-round performance.

Its O-Bead, which is a built-in round structure, minimizes overlapped joints in the bead area for an improved ride while L.L. Carbon (Long Link Carbon) helps the rubber compound resist microscopic tread tearing related to wear.

The Firehawk Wide Oval RFT features a high-performance silica-enhanced L.L. Carbon tread rubber compound molded into an independent block.

Its compound is molded into the directional tread for responsive handling while giving good traction on a wet and dry surface.

Circumferential and lateral grooves are built to reduce the risk of hydroplaning when driving on a wet surface.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon ply to aid strength, stability, and high-speed capability.

Last but not least, it features run-flat sidewall reinforcements which aid temporary mobility up to 50 miles at 50 mph after a puncture or flat tire.


  • The Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology
  • Good dry and wet traction
  • Performs better than other summer run-flat tires in snow
  • Comfortable ride


  • Not designed for near-freezing temperatures, nor for snow or ice driving
  • Some noise can be heard during high-speed cornering
  • A bit heavy
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

This is certainly not the best tire in this class, and we can put this Firestone tire somewhere in the middle.

We consider it an average-performing tire that is neither spectacular nor too bad.

Its main advantages are a pretty good tread life and the cost that is lower than the price of similar tires from other brands.

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Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 RFT

The Blizzak LM-25 RFT (Run-Flat) is Bridgestone’s Performance Winter / Snow tire built to provide temporary self-supporting run-flat mobility after a puncture or when there is complete air loss in the tire.

It was developed exclusively for the drivers of BMW Z4 roadsters, 1, 3. 5, 6, 7 Series sedans, and Nissan GT-R supercars.

Blizzak LM-25 RFT Performance Winter tires give your vehicle a sporty appearance and good traction through wet, dry, and especially winter driving surface.

LM-25 RFT winter tire compound is built into a directional tread pattern that reduces the risk of hydroplaning when driving on wet and slush-covered roads.

Its rounded tread shoulders enhance handling on a dry and wet surface.

There is a presence of high silica content in the tread compound and it combines winter traction with H-and V-speed rated durability.

Blizzak LM-25 RFT tires feature an independent block tread design that uses the Lamellen “edge effect” for enhanced winter traction.

Blizzak LM-25 RFT winter tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Bridgestone’s UNI-T technology brings advanced tire technologies together and enhances tire performance delivery.

Its tread design construction and tread compound help maximize the tire’s performance, ride quality, and tread wear.

Last but not least, it features a Snow indicator, molded into the Blizzak LM-25 RFT’s tread grooves to inform the driver when ice and snow traction will be reduced as the tire’s tread wear reaches the point where the remaining tread depth becomes less effective in deep snow.


  • The excellent stopping power on snow and ice
  • Reliable handling
  • Impressive grip 
  • Bridgestone’s Winter Tire Warranty
  • Easy cornering, accelerating, and braking
  • Comfortable and smooth ride during harsh weather conditions.
  • Stability and hydroplaning


  • Noisy and a little squirmy in the dry and on warmer days
  • Average treadwear
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

When the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-25 tire is in question, we cannot but mention its outstanding ability to stop on both snow and ice.

It is specially designed for drivers who want stability, consistency, and reliability in their winter tires.

Not only does it offer stunning performance, but it also comes with a price tag starting about $152 per tire that is considered a good value for money.

Bridgestone Driveguard Run Flat Tire

DriveGuard run-flat tire is Bridgestone’s touring all-season performance run-flat tire engineered to deliver the best performance and keep you mobile even when there is no air pressure left in your tires.

It was built with supportive and tough reinforced sidewalls that ensure your mobility for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 MPH.

This model features nanoPro-Tech which is used to create stiff, heat-resistant material for run-flat abilities.

Its high-tech cooling fin design and reinforced sidewall rubber redistribute heat and friction when there is a puncture, so you can keep driving up to 50 miles even after a complete loss of air pressure.

The tire comes with a 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.

This is a model specially designed for drivers of crossovers, minivans, sedans, coupes, and wagons.

If you choose it, it will deliver a comfortable ride with confident handling.


  • NanoPro-Tech
  • A 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty
  • You can keep driving even with a flat tire
  • Good performance
  • Excellent ride


  • Softer cornering and handling at higher speeds
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

Besides offering an excellent warranty which is not typical for run-flat tires, Bridgestone also provides a 30-day try or refund.

This means that Bridgestone will replace the tire if it is not repairable due to a flat within the first year or 12,000 miles.

Yokohama Avid EnVigor ZPS

The AVID ENVigor ZPS (Zero Pressure System) is Yokohama’s High-Performance All-Season run-flat radial tire designed for a sports car, coupe, and sedan drivers with the aim to deliver all-season traction year-round and run-flats mobility for a distance of up to 50 miles at 50 mph in the event a puncture or complete loss in air pressure.

AVID ENVigor ZPS is designed to deliver good performance, driving comfort, good tread life with year-round traction even on light snow.

The tire silica tread compound is molded into an optimized contact patch with a five-rib directional pattern that gives all-season traction.

Its linked shoulder blocks and continuous center rib enhance its tread rigidity, thus improving straight-line tracking and handling when driving.

Intermediate tread blocks, angled grooves and adaptive 3D sipes enhance wet traction and reduces the risk of hydroplaning.

AVID ENVigor ZPS features twin steel belts reinforced by jointless nylon belt covers and belt edge strips that are spirally wounded for enhanced performance, reduction in tire weight with uniform ride quality.

Two cord body plies deliver predictable handling and its sidewall reinforcement gives run-flat support by shouldering your car’s weight even after it is punctured or in case of a complete loss of air pressure.

Yokohama recommends the ZPS tires only to vehicles originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and a tire pressure monitoring system.


  • Great dry and wet traction
  • Above-average cornering grip
  • Impressive, comfortable ride as the tire is quiet
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Steering response is good but not a precise as with some other models
  • Wet traction is average but not as great as with other all-season tires.
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

The ENVigor tires are full of new technology from Yokohama.

These innovations were included with the aim to create the best possible tire, but we need to say that the tires do not perform as well as some others in the same category.

Price ranges from about $90 to $180 per tire, but we do not consider it a good value for money.

Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat

The Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat is Goodyear’s grand touring all-season self-supporting run-flat tire developed for European sedans and crossover vehicles.

They are designed to deliver all-season traction even on light snow.

This tire is equipped with Goodyear’s self-supporting RunONFlat technology which aids mobility even after the tire is punctured or when there is no air pressure.

Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat tires compound is molded into a symmetric pattern.

It features an independent tread block design with computer-optimized block sizes to minimize tread noise and deliver a comfortable ride.

Wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water from beneath the contact patch for better wet traction and resistance towards hydroplaning.

Its sipes provide multiple biting edges for good traction on light snow.

Its internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by nylon for strength and high-speed durability.

The tire’s reinforced sidewalls are engineered to support the vehicle’s weight after loss of air pressure or puncture.

NOTE: RunOnFlat tires are only recommended for vehicles that are originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.


  • Goodyear’s self-supporting RunONFlat technology
  • Perfect dry traction
  • Above-average cornering grip
  • Responsive steering
  • Tire stability


  • In need of a better wet and winter traction
  • It could have an improved tread life
  • Bump up the ride comfort
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

The reason why this model is the last on our list is due to the fact that we rate it in the lower half of this category.

We need to say that there are much better models available.

What Are Run Flat Tires?

Run-flat tires are engineered with reinforced sidewalls that are designed to resist deflation even when the tire is punctured.

This tire can also be called a zero pressure tire, as it will keep your vehicle moving and buy you a little more time as long as you keep to a limited speed.

The maximum speed to drive after a puncture is 50mph for around 50 miles (depends on manufacturer)

The weight of your car will still be supported for that long with a run-flat-tire.

This is enough time to get to the nearest repair shop, home, or some comfortable place to change your tires instead of doing it by the roadside which can sometimes be very risky especially when it is a busy road.

Can I Repair A Runflat Tire?

No, in most cases, it is not advisable to do that.

You can also read more about it here, as it is properly explained.

Do Run Flat Tires Go Flat?

Run-flat tires can also be called zero-pressure tires because they are capable of driving more miles at a limited road speed of 50mph with no air in them.

Their stiff sidewalls help hold the wheels off the ground while driving.

Yes, they get deflated but it does not stop you from getting home or to your nearest repair shop.

run flat tires

Are Run Flat Tires Noisy?

Yes, they can be noisy because their sidewalls are built to be so stiff to keep your wheels off the ground, also to help you drive even with zero pressure without deforming at all despite the lack of air.

Although this contributes to its awesomeness, it leaves side effects which is it transmitting noise and vibration to the cabin.

Run Flat Tires Pros And Cons


  • You do not have to worry about your tires getting flat unexpectedly as you can still keep driving even with a flat tire. Neither will you have to fix a tire on a busy highway, in the rain, or when it is cold.
  • Functioning tire even when there is zero pressure in there.
  • Your tire can support your vehicles for miles without air in it with balance and stability after puncture as you continue to drive. Although, once the tire deflates there is less weight transfer and the tread starts to destabilize but it does not affect the steering and handling as it remains almost normal.
  • The vehicle becomes lighter and has less weight. There is no need to store a spare wheel in the vehicle because you will not be needing it.
  • As there is no need for a spare wheel then there would not be a jack and tools in the car either so you get less weight.
  • The lack of wheels and tools will give more interior room in the car for something else.


  • It is hard to know when there is a puncture, low air, or zero pressure. This is caused majorly by the fact that it is designed with a stiff sidewall, and this sidewall does not bulge even when there is low pressure. That is why you should have a tire pressure monitoring system to check your pressure at intervals to be aware whenever it starts losing air.
  • The stiff sidewall contributes to harsh ride and road noise when driving. Vehicles that come paired with run-flats from the factory usually have their suspension turned on by the automaker to reduce the effect of the tire harshness.
  • Run-flat tires are pricey in comparison to other tires and most of them are not repairable, so it means there will likely be another replacement once the tire gets damaged.
  • Run-flat tires are not among the best-sellers, so there is no popular availability on the shelf and this is a disadvantage. Getting a replacement is not always possible and it might be easier to get in big cities, but might be a daunting task otherwise.
  • Run flats are built with softer tread compounds to counter the stiff sidewall and harsh ride and this improvement will later contribute to its shorter tread life. It is said that run-flat tires are replaced sooner than conventional tires. They wear out 6,000 miles sooner in comparison to other tires, so we can say it has lesser tread life.
  • If drivers do not notice or ignore the pressure warning then there could be the possibility of a blowout. Yes, one should apply speed limitations once the tire is punctured or losing air. However, if the driver is still up with the same speed then there could be a bigger problem.
  • Due to the soft compounds used in building the tread, the tire is prone to getting flat or punctured more often than conventional tires.


We hope you found our best run-flat tires reviews helpful.

Any of the above is a good choice to pick as long as it suits your driving condition.

If you have a question, comment or review, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.

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