Can You Repair Run Flat Tire?


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A puncture does not give any warning or sign before it happens, and it always happens at the worst timing, sometimes even the worst places.

It could even pick on a new tire, just after one has pulled out some reasonable amount to get a fine set of tires to complement one’s car and improve its performance.

So, thinking of finances or timing it is easier to quickly repair and be well on our way like nothing happened.

But, can you repair run flat tire and will it be the best decision for this model? In this article we will be answering some of your questions about this model of tire.

What are run flat tires?

Run flat tires are tires built for vehicles which is able to accept punctures without becoming totally useless immediately.

They don’t deflate easily even if they are been punctured by a sharp object, the driver can still continue driving at lower speed limit generally between 16km to 80km/50mph, this varies depending on the run flat tire.

Run flat tires are no different in shape or looks from normal tires however, they have reinforced sidewall.

And this reinforced sidewall basically help them keep steady even when punctured and it doesn’t allow the wheels to press against the tire.

This keeps it from damaging the tires or the wheels totally and helps the driver to keep driving at a lesser speed even if there is no air in the tire till, he finds a means to repair it.

How do I know if my run flat tire is punctured?

If you suddenly find it flat when it is unused then just inflate it like every other tire. But if you keep getting the hissing sound coming from the tire or it keeps getting down even after inflating it then it is punctured and needs repairing or a total replacement if it is beyond repair.

This tire is designed to get you to the nearest available place where you can get it repaired, so don’t get too worried if you find it suddenly punctured.

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How long can you drive with nail in your tire?

Generally, once you find a hole in your tire and it is not deflating the tire too fast then I will advise you take your time to get to your repairer.

Depends on where the nail is, you could still drive for sometimes with nail in your car tire on some occasion when it isn’t too serious but it is not advisable because driving on an under inflated tire will cause the tire to wear out quickly which could have you replacing a tire that could have been easily repaired and still work more miles.

Don’t pull out the nail if it is already deep in the tire as it is what is keeping it from going flat, take it to your service station to know if you can get it fixed or totally replaced.

However, for a run flat tire you could still drive on it but you have to keep it at a limited speed of not more than 80km/hr or 50mph and this can still go for another 50miles but not longer than that.

Do run flat tires need air?

This tire could lose all the air in them when seriously punctured, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep it moving.

There stiff sidewall will keep the wheels off the ground as long as possible, so even with zero air in them, you are still good to go. It doesn’t require air in it to stay rigid compared to other tires.

As long as you stick to a low speed which is 50mph then you could still go 50 miles conveniently and this will safe you from doing road side repair, you can easily get it to your favorite expert that will repair or probably replace the tire.

Can you repair run flat tire?

Unfortunately, it is very rare to get this tire repaired. Most tire manufacturers advise against repairing the run flat model and you will rarely get a tire technician agree to repairing it.

There could have been serious damage on the tire from the puncture but the reinforced sidewall actually makes it difficult to know the extent of the damage on the tire.

Even the experts cannot predict the extent of the damage by merely looking at it or by test-driving it so to be on a safer side it is best replaced.

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Run flat tire repair cost

For other models of tire a minor repair would be around $20 range, it might be less or a bit more. But for a run flat model, it is advisable to rarely repairable, cost more and even most times best replaced.

Should you repair or replace your run flat tire?

If you have driven with it then it is dangerous to repair, because the damage on the tire cannot be easily assessed.

The overall structure or the safety of the tire could have been compromised and just giving it a minor repair and back on the road could turn out to be waste of time and money or even risk to the driver of the are and the occupant.

So, it is best to just replace it and be back on the road with confidence.


  • With this tire you can still drive on a flat tire
  • You will still maintain a stability even if a blowout occurs
  • You are good to go with zero air pressure in your tire
  • Reinforced sidewall that is always ready to take on any puncture
  • Less load weight on your vehicle due to spare tire and tool kit, which will inevitably give many advantages to the car’s performance
  • No risk of changing tires by the road side


  • Without tire monitoring system it is hard to tell if it is under inflated.
  • Cost more for repair and most time it calls for replacement after damage
  • Run flat tires wear out faster than other models.

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Tire brands that produce run flat tires












Conclusion: are run flat tires worth it?

Well this depends on your choice, you should weigh its pros and cons, your driving style and your driving conditions and see if the tires will work for your preferences or not.

If you have any question or comment please leave it in the comment box below, we will be glad to hear from you.

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  3. I like how you clearly explained that replacing a run-flat tire is a smarter option than trying to repair it. Repairing it still leaves it with a higher chance of going flat or popping than if you were to buy a new one. I think changing out your tires when they go flat is the safest option for drivers to make.

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