How To Get A Car Out Of The Snow


how to get my car unstuck in snow

Winter season will soon be near and it can really be a pain to get stuck in the snow, there are measures you should take once winter is near. How to get a car out of the snow wouldn’t be too much of a pain if we are just prepared for the worst that could happen. You can’t be too prepared for a snow storm, even if you take all cautious measures you might find yourself in a situation where you have to drive in the snow.

Get the right tires

First, if you live in an area where all you experience is a light snow then you don’t have to bother, all you need is an all-season tire and you are good to go. However, if you experience more than light snow, then it is advisable to get quality winter tires/snow tires before the season.

All-season tires are great in various driving conditions but when it comes to snow, excellent all-season tires will give you the traction you need when on light snow. Heavy snow is a different story entirely, as you will need excellent snow tires on heavy snow. These tires are made specifically to get you through the toughest winter driving conditions or snow storm, and the right tires could make all the difference in the worst snow condition.

Are they in good condition?

Especially if you have your snow tires stored from last snow season, make sure they are in good condition. Check the air pressure, tread wear, the tire as a whole, and be sure they are safe and game.

You can also carry these emergency tools in your vehicle

best snow chain

  • Snow chains: snow chains are fitted to the tires of your car in order to provide maximum traction on snow or ice. You can fix them on one axle of your tire, and you will get a good grip and great winter driving performance.
  • Snow shovel: This will come in handy if you are stuck in snow or it could be of help to someone else who is stuck in snow.
  • Sand, kitty litter or rock salt (for traction): yes, it might not be the most convenient or wisest decision carrying this around, but who cares if it could make all the difference when one gets stuck in snow.
  • Ice scraper: This can also come in handy.

How to get your car out if stuck

1. Off the traction control

Once stuck, it is advisable to turn off the traction control before you ignite your car, you need maximum traction on all tires, all the traction you can get on both drive wheels to get out of the snow. However remember to turn it on once you are out of the situation.

car traction control

2. Get people to push you out

You could get people to push your car out of the position and totally unstuck. Remember to use your gear in such a way that it won’t be harmful to those helping you out. Let it be forward gear if it is been pushed from behind and backward gear if it’s been pushed from the front.

Two Men Pushing A Car

3. Shovel

You can shovel your way out of been stuck, by reaching for your tool and start digging the snow out, clear out the snow from the back of the tire to the front, beneath and just all around the tires. Remove as much as you can and clear a path enough for your tires to move back and forth. If you don’t have a shovel, you could use an ice scraper or any other tool that can do the job.

snow shovel

4. Dig out the tail pipe

Once stuck remember to dig out your cars tail pipe before starting your car, it is very important. You do not want carbon monoxide building up in your car, it is very dangerous and life threatening, one could end up in the hospital or even worse.

car tail pipe

5. Snow chains can be the real deal

If you have one in your car just buckle it on your tires and off you went. Snow chains are highly effective and can be a life saver in the snow. It is advisable to fix them once you see it is getting beyond light snow, so as to avoid getting stuck in the first place.

Man Putting Snow Chains Onto Tire of a car

6. Objects that can increase traction

No snow chains? Ok. Just use an object that can increase traction, like your car mat, sand, kitty litter, small rocks, cardboard etc. You will place it on the path of your tires; you could lay the car mat just in front of your tires to get moving. This could give the grip you need and it could get you unstuck, for this technique you should just shove whatever you have among this thing beneath your tires and you will get the traction you need.

car mat

7. Lowest gear and no spinning

Use the lowest gear when you are stuck, remove your car from drive mode and maintain your lowest gear. This will keep your car from digging deeper into the snow and keeping you as a companion till you get external help. Keeping to the lowest gear will make your tire spin slowly and gain traction, you want to refrain from spinning when you are stuck.

no spinning when stuck in snow

8. Let’s start rocking

Still stuck? Keep your wheels straight and start to rock your car back and forth, use your brake between the forward and reverse gears to avoid sliding back into the holes that have been dug by the tires. apply a little gas as your vehicle starts to swing forward, it just might break out of the snow. However, if you do not get a positive result from this in few minutes then you should stop as it can overload your transmission and cause serious damage to your car.

9. Lastly deflate the tires

If all else fails and you have an inflator or air compressor in your car or means of inflating your tires then just deflate your tires a little. Till the sidewalls are less hard, this could increase the surface area of your tires, give more traction and ultimately get you unstuck. If this technique gets you out, remember to get to where you can inflate your tires back as it is not advisable driving on under inflated tires.

Free Little Boy Playing, Digs Snow


Hopefully, you have learned how to get a car out of the snow and you find one of these techniques helpful, but If you couldn’t get out with any of this technique then call a friend and get a tow truck. Stay safe and warm, if you have a comment or question, leave it in the comment box below, we will be glad to hear from you.




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