Cooper Discoverer Enduramax Review

Discoverer Enduramax ReviewThe Discoverer EnduraMax is a touring all-season tire designed for crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks drivers that desire both comfortable ride and great handling in a tire. It comes with new technology which reduces road noise, enhanced durability, confident year-round performance and longevity that you will learn all about in this Cooper Discoverer Enduramax review.



The tire is made with hard-wearing ultra-durable materials that resist the wear and tear while driving on rocks, gravel or poorly managed roads also designed for on-road comfort.

Enduramax A/S tire is developed with good light snow traction and endorsed to handle severe wintry weather with its three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

The new cooper Enduramax tire comes with a 60,000 mile tread life warranty for all sizes and guarantees your pleasure ride all year long, on any surface and in any weather with less worry.



Cooper Discoverer Enduramax is an all-season touring tire developed for crossover and SUV vehicles. It is well-built to deliver durability on harsh, rough roads and city streets. It has winter-grip saw tooth groove for enhanced snow traction while delivering exceptionally quiet ride quality.

The tire resists abrasion and wears from rough conditions with its cut- and chip-resistant for impressive performance on gravel roads and winter-grip saw-tooth groove which enhances snow traction.

The tire is reinforced by a durable inner construction that keeps its shape on uneven surfaces and strong off-road style belts for proven long term strength.

Enduramax A/S tire is severe-weather rated for confidence in the worst winter conditions while its nylon reinforced interior delivers high-speed capability and durability.



 Discoverer Enduramax AS


  • The durable-tread withstand cuts, scrapes and chunking
  • The strong steel belts maintain structure over miles of rough roads
  • Its specially designed tread resists freezing in cold temperatures
  • The winter grip technology confidently tackles changing seasons with saw tooth grooves for better traction
  • The zigzag sipes in the shoulders provide traction on slick surfaces
  • The symmetric pattern on the tire is designed to minimize tread noise for a quiet experience.
  • Extra strength steel belts stand up better to rough roads and also improve handling
  • The tire is reinforced by a durable inner construction that keeps its shape on uneven surfaces and strong off-road style belts for proven longevity.
  • Its armor belt features extra strength while the light truck steel belts provide enhanced strength.



  • Lesser road noise
  • Comes with a-3PMSF symbol
  • Good all-season, all-weather
  • Better traction
  • Great handling


  • Not so good on intense wintry condition or acute ice/snow.



Comes with a 60,000 miles tread-life warranty; half mileage (if front and rear tires are of different sizes), uniformity warranty of first 2/32”of wear and later prorated until 2/32” and workmanship & materials warranty of free replacement of 2/32”wear and the remaining depth until 2/32”. It also has a special warranty of 45 day road test guarantee.



 cooper Discoverer Enduramax AS

Tire Sizes


205/70R16 97H SL BSW, 215/70R16 100H SL BSW, 225/60R16 98H SL BSW, 225/70R16 103H SL BSW, 235/60R16 100H SL BSW, 235/65R16 103H SL BSW, 235/70R16 106H SL BSW


215/60R17 96H SL BSW, 215/65R17 99H SL BSW, 225/55R17 97H SL BSW, 225/60R17 99H SL BSW, 225/65R17 102H SL BSW, 235/55R17 99H SL BSW, 235/60R17 102H SL BSW, 235/65R17 104H SL BSW, 245/65R17 107H SL BSW


215/55R18 99H XL BSW, 225/55R18 102H XL BSW, 225/60R18 100H SL BSW, 235/50R18 97V SL BSW, 235/55R18 104V XL BSW, 235/60R18 107H XL BSW, 245/60R18 105H SL BSW


225/55R19 99V SL BSW, 235/50R19 99H SL BSW, 235/55R19 105H XL BSW


235/55R20 102H SL BSW, 245/50R20 102V SL BSW




EnduraMax is a good touring all-season tire if you drive crossover, SUV and pickup truck. It guarantees you comfortable ride and great handling with reduced noise. Offers durability and all year round performance while handling severe wintry weather with its three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

However, please note that while non-winter tires featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol provide additional longitudinal snow traction beyond what all-season (M+S) tires not bearing the symbol may deliver, they do not in any way match the capability of a true winter tire in all adverse weather conditions.

We hope you find our Cooper Discoverer Enduramax review helpful and insightful for your decision-making. If you have a comment, question or review of this tire, kindly leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.

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