GRI Ultimate XT Heavy Truck Tire

Gri ultimate XT TireGri ultimate XT is suitable for Sprayers, Earthmovers, Skid Steer, Compactors, Excavators, Graders, Pivot Irrigator, Tractors, Flotation, Trailer and other industrial implements. For now, the tire comes in limited sizes with no manufacturer’s tread-life warranty while the pricing information is expected later.



GRI is a leading producer of specialty tires that has developed many Eco-friendly version of its high-performance Ultimate XT solid tire by replacing petroleum-based oil with natural oil that is not only renewable but also carbon-neutral.

With offices in about 9 countries and sales outlets in more than 50 countries around the world, GRI tire prides in producing high-quality and -performance agriculture, construction and material handling Tires.



As an all-terrain all-weather tire, information from the Company revealed that the tire has the capability of running on all surface conditions including, indoor, outdoor, low and high temperature, wet and dry conditions.

Ultimate XT is manufactured from high-performance green solid rubber that reduces environmental pollution and increased efficiency.

The tire guarantees high intensity usage as it showcases an exceptional ability to lower operating temperature, contributing to the benefit of non-stop machine usage and increased load carrying capacity.

Ultimate XT is developed to offer high load – carrying capacity at low inflation pressure, reduced soil compaction, exceptional traction, minimum vibration and superior self-cleaning properties which makes it suitable for agricultural use.

Ultimate XT is ideally suited for handling heavy container loads over long distances on gathering chassis if used on trailers and other heavy-load carriers.

Also, XTs contemporary tread designs, rigorous construction and superior compounds make it suitable

for construction tractors and implement as it offers extra running-hours with impressive quality performance under harsh work environments.

The Ultimate XT tire is developed with multiple layers of advanced natural rubber compounds to ensure high reliability, stable handling and a longer tread-life.

With lower rolling resistance the tire promises less fuel consumption while its special tread compound ensures optimal grip and traction on minimum speed range and diverse surface conditions.


gri ultimate xt truck tire


  • The advanced three-stage tire with a robust center core expertly increases abrasion resistance and tire life
  • Ultimate XT tire is developed with integrating cutting-edge technology and natural-rubber compounds to ensure high performance.
  • The tire has a modern, highly functional design and tread pattern that suits extreme terrain applications providing optimal road traction especially with forklift tires.
  • The new Ultimate XT features modern tread design that delivers on low rolling resistance and high run time with assured longer tread-life and energy conservation.
  • Equipped with a modern state-of-the-art cutting edge technology that brands it one of the best world-class quality products




  • Conserves energy
  • Longer tread-life
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Increase fuel efficiency


  • No Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now



GRI Ultimate XT comes with no Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now.


Company’s review

GRI was founded in 2002 with its solid tire manufacturing plant built in Badalgama, 50km north of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The high-profiled and skilled pioneer team had helped the company with the fortitude to build upon the path of excellence that has fueled the company’s becoming one of the leading industrial and specialty tire producers globally.

GRI envisioned safe, faster and secured advanced movement of material while its mission is to deliver exceptional value and assured performance in specialized tires through a relentless focus on technological innovation, engineering strength and operational efficiency and excellence.

The company has an intentional and deliberate focus to continuously add value to its customers by providing affordable good products and matching successful business partnership with aggressive customer satisfaction at all times.

Notable tire brands to GRI’s credit include Green EX IR200, EX RT100, EX-FL800, EX-FT2/FT3, and XLR-65 all suitable for trailers and multi-purpose Tractors and implement.




Ultimate XT tire was developed to perform in all surface terrains and harsh working conditions. Test results have indicated that the replacement of petroleum oil with special environmentally friendly oil has successfully resulted in the superior performance with no side effect on the tire’s durability

The tire is good for vehicles carrying heavier loads on rougher surfaces for longer distances at higher speeds and a smoother ride with utmost dependability.

This eco-friendly tire with its wide profile footprint has statistically proven to reduce tire wear proportionately throughout its life cycle while having the capability to run on all surface conditions in any application including indoor, outdoor, wet and dry conditions.

It is available in non-marking and clip-type, we hope you foT

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