Nokian Ground King Another quality product from Nokian Tire manufacturing company, the Ground King Tractor tire is made for tractors use in heavy forestry, earth moving and road maintenance work with high-speed road transportation. Nokian Ground King is an all-terrain, all-season; all-round contracting tire that combines mobility and good traction on soft soil with comfortable, precise handling on-road transports.




Wearing a daring and aggressive look, the new Ground King tractor tire is marked as an ideal OEM tire due to its all-terrain quality.

As the machine manufacturers can be confident that the tire will further improve the versatility of any multi-purpose machines. It is more versatile, rugged, durable and cost-effective for agricultural and contracting usage.



Ground King has a high strength structure that is stable for heavy loads. Besides having good features on various surfaces, it is desirable for a modern contracting tire to be ready for heavy weights.

It has superb load-bearing capacity that allows for high loads which enhance the use of heavy work implements.

Its wear-resistant tread compound and extended ground contact area give good operating hours even in extensive on-road use. Ground King has good self-cleaning facility which is more desirable for a tractor tire to minimize dirt transition on the road.

The contact with the driving surface is exceptional contributing positively to grip both on soft surfaces and on-road. This helps the tire to maintain its properties even when wearing out (or worn out as the case may be).

The fast highway transports are an essential part of modern contracting work and Ground King is designed to support this aspect better than most competing all-terrain tires.

Apart from offering 2-in-1 benefits to drivers and contracting owners, Ground King tire has high load-bearing capacity that allows the use of heavy work implements carrying heavy loads at the same time.

This all-round performance further expands the diversity of the tasks to which you can apply the tire.

All multi-purpose machinery is expected to bring a good return when it lends itself to a wide variety of different uses and seasonal contracting with speed and durable tires.

The tire brings new opportunities for tractor and machine contracting by combining on-road endurance, good traction and firmer grip on a soft terrain with a high load-bearing capacity.



  • Nokian Ground King comes with the Hybrilug technology which combines the best features of lug and block patterns that offers all-terrain mobility, good traction, precise-handling, great road properties and a long operating life.
  • The amount of high-grade, wear resistant tread compound in the Hybrilug technology together with the extended ground contact extends the tire’s effective operating life to a whole new level.
  • One of the distinguishing features of the new Ground King tire is a whole new type of tread pattern which combines the better features of lug and block type patterns that actually facilitates durability, uncompromised field performance and highway comfortable handling and endurance.
  • Ground King utilizes high-grade, wear resistant tread compound in the pattern which offers extended ground contact compared to the standard traction pattern. This results in excellent operating hours even in extensive on-road use.
  • The tire’s stylish look and design also ensure pleasantly silent road noise with longer wearing tread-life and tread-wear when compared to others.
  • The tire comes with TPMS Sensor and other digital technologies that help in monitoring tire pressure.



  • Stable for heavy loads
  • Offers all-terrain mobility
  • Good traction
  • Better road surface gripping
  • Precise-handling
  • Great road properties and longevity
  • Aggressive good-looking tread design
  • On and off-road performance
  • Better Tread-life and tread-wear
  • Affordable


  • None known yet


Nokian Ground King Tire



Tire manufacturer Extended warranty promised a year “an extended warranty” for all Nokian Tires Intuitu mobile app users because they believe that the app will help to prevent tire damage by ensuring operating parameters are always in optimal performance.



Tire Sizes




540/65R30 600/70R30


600/70R34 600/65R34 650/65R34


650/65R38 520/70R38 580/70R38


650/65R42 710/70R42 710/75R42



Ground King comes with great technology and versatility. It is durable with longer wear-life, offers all-terrain mobility with its aggressive look that facilitates good traction and better surface gripping.

In addition to its precise handling, the tire is affordable and performs well both in on-and off-road conditions. For more efficient utilization of the machinery we believe Nokian Ground King will be a truly universal tire.

We hope you will find our piece of information very useful in your decision making. If you have a comment, question or review of this tire, kindly leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.





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