GRI Gripex LT122

Global Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (GRI) has rolled out the Gripex LT122 designed suitably for trailers, earth movers, compactors, excavators, loaders and other heavy-duty construction and agricultural applications.

GRI Gripex LT122 is an all-season all-weather tire that comes with a sturdy and robust nylon casing which provides extra-ordinary impact and shock resistance for extended tire life.

The tire is an improvement on both Gripex LT100 and LT300 brands built with modern technology aimed at providing dependable stability and rigidity needed for effective road performance.

The tire is available for now in one size and comes with no manufacturer’s tread-life warranty and no pricing information.

Gri lt122 heavy truck tire


Gripex LT122 is an all-terrain all-weather tire that is manufactured for dependable performance with capability to run under high and low temperature. It is designed to cope with heavy loads for a longer journey period in any terrain and weather.

It is manufactured with improved technology with quality green-rubber pelts which reduces environmental pollution for efficient and durable performance.

The tire has unmatched puncture resistance and durability for less downtime in operations. This is of utmost importance when overcoming obstacles on rough surface which expose the tire to the serious risks of puncture or casing deterioration.

Gripex LT122 is built with added rubber-density to offer higher load carrying strength at a reduced inflation pressure, minimum vibration and exceptional traction thus making it desirable by many drivers who care for good, high-quality and longer lasting tires for their construction, agricultural and material handling equipment.

The tire also boasts of an inter-lug design which helps to deliver enhanced durability and puncture resistance. The tire is built with extra-strength and capability to effectively move heavy materials with stability and peace of mind over a longer journey in record time and in efficient manner.


  • Gripex LT122 comes with a tread compound that ensures resistance against wear and cuts.
  • Its unique tread design enables higher traction for better productivity.
  • Its sturdy and robust nylon casing is claimed to provide extraordinary impact and shock resistance for a long tire life.
  • The Gripex LT122 features an innovative inter-lug design for an unmatched puncture resistance and durability.


  • Good in all-terrain and all-weather conditions
  • Good traction
  • Shocks and puncture resistant
  • Longer tread-life


  • No Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now


Gripex LT122 comes with no Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now.

 GRI Gripex LT122

Company Review

Global Rubber Industries (Pvt) Limited was founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka. GRI has established its trademark in pioneering initiatives, sound innovation and high-performance specialty tires that perform brilliantly in the most severe operating environments.

With a team of dedicated professionals who strive to drive the pioneering initiatives that have powered GRI to become a leading industrial and specialty tire producer, the company has seen momentous success via global expansion and transference of best practices.

With diversification in its industrial tire product range and the launch of a new product portfolio in agriculture, construction and port tires, GRI has earned a reputation of the company that advances towards the future with passion and determination.

GRI envisioned safe, faster and secured advanced movement of material while its mission is to deliver exceptional value and assured performance in specialized tires through a relentless focus on technological innovation, engineering strength and operational efficiency and excellence.

Brands such as Green EX IR200, EX RT100, EX-FL800, EX-FT2/FT3, and XLR-65 suitable for trailers and multi-purpose tractors and implement including Gripex LT100, LT300and the recently launched LT122 are all quality products from GRI.


Gripex LT122 is an all-terrain all-weather tire that is suitable for driver whose desire is to engage a tire that is built for good performance with capability to run under all odds and reliable in all seasons.

The improved technology with quality rubber which reduces environmental pollution for efficient and durable performance with which the tire is made will guarantee a confident ride on your long journey even with heavy loads.

While its unequaled puncture resistance and durability for less downtime in operations will improve your productivity and increased service turn-around-time.

It is our hope that our GRI gripex LT122 review had positively impacted on your decision-making process particularly on GRI’s Gripex LT122 tire. If you have a comment, question or review of this tire kindly drop it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.

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