Milestar Patagonia SXT/SXS Tire

Patagonia SXT/SXS were newly introduced brands of Milestar tires in late 2019.

The tires are made for UTVs and specifically engineered for recreational off-road vehicles and to be used in extremely harsh terrains.

Both the Patagonia SXT and SXS are formulated with a cut-and-chip resistant, silica-enriched tread compound which is capable of providing competent traction in the silt, sand, and rocky surfaces.

The Patagonia SXT/SXS comes in 7 popular UTV sizes ranging from 14″to15″ wheel diameter and 28″ to 34” overall diameter.

They do not come with the manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now which we expect should be added in a couple of months hopefully.

Milestar Patagonia SXT/SXS


Patagonia SXT/SXS tires are built for recreational off-road vehicles such as UTVs and Side-By-Sides.

They are DOT-approved UTV specific tires developed to conquer extremely harsh terrains.

They came with improved modern technology and features which are capable of providing competent traction in the silt, sand, and rocks.


  • The tire features deep and wide grooves with stone ejectors to help disperse dirt and debris.
  • For added durability and toughness, the SXT comes with a Kevlar belt package which enhances strength while keeping the tire’s carcass weight as light as possible.
  • The optimized wide footprint enhanced great handling and supports a firm braking system.
  • The aggressive design and large voids assist to effectively navigate rough conditions and extreme terrain.
  • Its aggressive upper sidewall helps protect the tire from sharp rocks and provides additional off-road traction.
  • The tire comes with integrated stone and mud ejectors which protect against stone retention and drilling as well as mud penetration.
  • Patagonia SXS is formulated with a cut and chip-resistant silica-enriched tread compound capable of providing competent traction in the silt, sand, and rocks.
  • The overlapping wide tread blocks maintain stability and improve sure-footed control during rapid acceleration and braking.
  • It comes with a high-crown carcass that improves performance in deep sand and silt as well as high-speed handling.


Milestar Patagonia SXT SXS does not come with the manufacturer’s tread-life warranty for now.

Company’s Profile

Milestar Tire Company focused on quality, security, and customer satisfaction is offering their wide products assortment, hence their avowed commitment towards Patagonia SXT and SXS aggressive and result-oriented marketing leading to the tires’ introduction in late 2019.

Milestar tires come in divers’ outstanding quality and high-performance brands for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial radial trucks, and the latest Patagonia brands.

Tire Sizes


28X10.00R14 BW

30X10.00R14 BW

32X10.00R14 BW


30X10.00R15 BW

32X10.00R15 BW

33X10.00R15 BW


  • Low noise
  • Good off-road traction
  • Great handling


  • As a new tire, no comment yet.
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

Being that Milestar tires are developed with a great focus on reaching outstanding quality and high performance, the Milestar Patagonia SXT/SXS tire is not an exception.

In our opinion, the Patagonia SXT from Milestar is the tire that is ideal for use on a recreational off-road vehicle, due to the fact that it has the ability to perform well on extremely harsh terrains.


The DOT-approved Patagonia SXS tire, built for use on off-road recreational vehicles and UTVs, is specially designed to conquer extreme weather conditions.

Its aggressive upper sidewall, integrated stone ejectors, and overlapping wide tread blocks help provide additional off-road traction, protect against stone retention and mud penetration as well support great handling and ride stability.

We hope our piece of information might assist you in making the right buying decision when you decide to.

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