Westlake Tire Reviews

Westlake is a tire brand name in china under Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd. Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd is China’s largest manufacturer of automotive tires. Formerly called Hangzhou Rubber Factory was founded in the year 1958 and it manufactures variety of tires for cars, trucks, bicycles, scooters, motorcycle, ATVs, tractors etc.

All of this are manufactured under different brands which includes Chaoyang, Goodride and Westlake. By 2011 this company was the tenth largest tire maker in the world with $4.26 billion worth of sale and by 2015, the launch of its new Westlake retail network in Spain and Portugal was announced.


Who Makes Westlake Tires?

As stated earlier Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company manufactures Westlake tires at their state of the art manufacturing plant in China. And then branded as Westlake then sold across United States and Canada.

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