Continental ContiProContact Review

Continental ContiProContact is an all-season built tire, that gives excellent performance on dry and wet driving surfaces.

It is designed for a wide range of coupes and sedans while delivering a smooth and quiet ride with traction expected of an all-season tire.

This is a grand touring all-season tire and you can expect an average performance from this tire on light snow.

Let’s see the features it possesses, the technology that went into building it, and its performance in this Continental ContiProContact review to know if it is a good choice for your next purchase.

Continental ContiProContact


This tire is an all-season tire that gives good traction on dry and wet driving surfaces, and a fair performance on snow.

Do not expect much from this tire when it comes to snow, as it is averagely good on light snow, but totally not for heavy snow.


The Continental ContiProContact comes with Continental’s 30-days satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not pleased with the tire, you can easily return it within 30 days.

Continental provides different warranties for different sizes.

There is 6-years or 80,000-mile tread life warranty for the S and T-rated tire sizes, 6 years or 60,000 miles for H-rated tire sizes, and a 40,000-mile tread life warranty for V-rated tires sizes.

Furthermore, you will get 6 years or free replacement for first-year or 2/32-inch tread wear, then prorated for the remaining period or until the last 2/32-inch tread depth remaining


  • Designed with the symmetric tread design from its tread compound which gives optimized sipes around the tread.
  • Features wide circumferential grooves and interlocking sipes which provide better performance and traction on the wet driving surfaces.
  • Optimized shoulder lugs that provide better steering response and stability while driving.
  • Center rib groove that aids reduction in road noise and car vibration.
  • Also, features the continental’s unique ProActive edge technology that adds over 800 arched edges around the tire to give better traction when you are weathering the storm or other related road conditions.
  • Two steel belts are reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon for strength and better stability, especially when driving at high speed.


  • Its tread is interlocked for better handling and stability
  • Good traction on a wet and dry surface
  • Comes with different tread life warranty for different sizes, there is the 40,000, 60,000, or 80,000 tread life warranty


This tire gives low road noise with smoothness while driving and hence comfortable driving.

Dry Performance

You get excellent performance out of this tire on a dry surface.

For easy highway, pavement, and all kinds of dry surface you are good to go, with good steering performance.

However, the grip and handling are just about averagely good, nothing outstanding about their performance.

Wet Performance

You can expect great performance in its handling and grip when on a wet driving surface, as well as a good steering feel.

Snow Performance

Although named an all-season tire, you should not expect great performance from this tire during snow and it is not meant for extreme winter.

We suggest that you get winter tires for extreme winter.

Tire Sizes

There is a wide range of available sizes for this tire:


155/60R15 74T SL BSW, 165/60R15 77T SL BSW, 175/55R15 77T SL BSW, 175/65R15 84H SL BSW, 185/55R15 82H SL BSW P 185/65R15 86H SL BSW, 195/50R15 82T SL BSW, 195/55R15 89V XL BSW, 195/60R15 88H SL BSW, 195/65R15 91H SL BSW, P 195/65R15 89H SL BSW P 195/65R15 89S SL BSW, 205/60R15 91H SL BSW, P 205/65R15 95T XL BSW, 215/60R15 94H SL BSW


195/45R16 84H XL BSW, P 195/55R16 86H SL BSW, 205/50R16 87V SL BSW, 205/55R16 91H SL BSW, P 205/55R16 89H SL BSW, P 205/60R16 91T SL BSW, P 205/65R16 95H SL BSW, P 205/70R16 96H SL BSW, 215/55R16 93H SL BSW, 215/55R16 97H XL BSW, P 215/60R16 95T SL BSW, P 215/60R16 94T SL BSW, P 215/60R16 94S SL BSW, 215/65R16 98T SL BSW, P 215/70R16 99S SL BSW, 225/55R16 99H XL BSW, 225/60R16 98T SL BSW, 225/65R16 100H SL BSW


205/50R17 93H XL BSW, 205/50R17 89V SL BSW, P 215/45R17 87H SL BSW, 215/50R17 95H XL BSW, 215/50R17 95V XL BSW, 215/50R17 91H SL BSW, 215/55R17 93V SL BSW, 215/55R17 94H SL BSW, 215/60R17 96H SL BSW, 215/65R17 99T SL BSW, 225/45R17 94H XL BSW, 225/45R17 91H SL BSW, P 225/50R17 98V XL BSW, P 225/50R17 93H SL BSW, 225/55R17 97H SL BSW, P 225/60R17 98T SL BSW, 235/45R17 97V XL BSW, 235/45R17 97H XL BSW, 235/45R17 94H SL BSW, 235/55R17 99H SL BSW, 235/60R17 102T SL BSW, P 235/65R17 103T SL BSW, 245/40R17 91H SL BSW, 245/45R17 99H XL BSW, 245/45R17 99V XL BSW, 255/40R17 94H SL BSW


215/55R18 94H SL BSW, 225/40R18 92H XL BSW, 225/40R18 92V XL BSW, 225/50R18 95T SL BSW, P 225/60R18 99V SL BSW, P 225/60R18 99H SL BSW, 235/40R18 91W SL BSW, 235/40R18 95H XL BSW, 235/45R18 94H SL BSW, 235/50R18 97H SL BSW, 235/55R18 104H XL BSW, 245/40R18 97V XL BSW , 245/40R18 97H XL BSW, 245/40R18 93V SL BSW, 245/40R18 93H SL BSW, 245/45R18 100H XL BSW, 245/45R18 96H SL BSW, 255/35R18 94H XL BSW, 255/40R18 99H XL BSW, 255/45R18 99H SL BSW, 265/35R18 97V XL BSW, 275/45R18 103H SL BSW, 285/35R18 97H SL BSW


235/40R19 92H SL BSW, 235/40R19 96V XL BSW, 235/45R19 95V SL BSW, 95H SL BSW, 245/40R19 94H SL BSW, P 245/45R19 98V SL BSW, P 245/45R19 98W SL BSW, 255/40R19 100V XL BSW, 255/40R19 100H XL BSW, 255/45R19 100V SL BSW, 255/45R19 104H XL BSW, 275/40R19 101W SL BSW, 275/40R19 101V SL BSW, 285/40R19 103V SL BSW


255/40R20 101V XL BSW, 265/40R20 104H XL BSW, 295/35R20 105V XL BSW


  • Excellent traction on a dry and wet surface
  • Low road noise
  • Smooth and comfortable ride


  • Low tread life complaint by some consumers
  • Bad with major bumps and potholes
  • Bad in winter driving conditions
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

The ContiProContact from Continental was designed initially for just European sports vehicles that are sold in North America.

However, the company later extended it to a wider range of sizes and widths.

Beyond its initial local availability, it was made available to more minivans and couples at affordable prices.


Our extensive Continental ContiProContact review above can help you decide if this tire fits your vehicle, road condition, and driving style and so if it is a good choice to purchase.

You can check on here for more Continental tires reviews.

If you have any questions, comments, or reviews on this tire, leave it in the comment box below.

We will be glad to hear from you.

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