Federal Xplora MTS Review

The new Federal Xplora MTS is an on-road built tire with an off-road style and looks for trucks and SUVs.

Compared to an off-road tire, the Xplora MTS has lasting tread wear, and just like an off-road tire, it is built with sleek sidewalls and rugged looks.

It is available in 20-24 rim diameter sizes and will soon be available in OE replacement sizes of 17 and 18.

In this Federal Xplora MTS review, we will get to know more about this tire from its features, technology, and what Federal has made for us by building this tire.

Federal Xplora MTS

About The Brand

Federal as a brand has been around since 1954 when it was founded and it is well-known in the industry.

The company is well known for innovations, technologies, and delivering quality products with the help of its capable engineers.

Federal Corporation is a Taiwan-based tire manufacturer, headquartered in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City Taiwan.

Federal Tires is a major brand of Taiwan-based Federal Corporation and this brand is widely known worldwide.

Federal tires are good-looking but not just that.

They have survived the rubber industry by producing quality tires that deliver comfort and safety while driving.

It has major production of SUV tires, ultra-high performance tires, and tires for light truck lovers.


  • Bulky armor-appearance tread patterns and high-intensity compounds for stylish looks and aiding precise steering while giving the driver control.
  • Reinforced compounds and construction aids the tire’s durability.
  • Linear, unidirectional grooves make the tire capable of dispersing water when driving on a wet surface while improving its noise quality by aiding less road noise.
  • Sleek sidewalls give the rugged, bold, and stylish look common to off-road tires.
  • V-shaped grooves for tire rigidity and protection against chip and cut.
  • Wide Unidirectional groove for improved performance on a wet surface or in the rain, thereby reducing the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Linear shoulder blocks enhance the driver’s comfort and steering response.
  • Massive tire blocks for stability and traction when driving.

About Federal Xplora MTS

Although the Xplora MTS is basically an on-road tire, speaking from the perspective of its stylishness, you would agree it is a hybrid between a mud-terrains or off-road tire and an ultra-high performance tire.

The tire is constructed with compounds that make the tire deliver quality and durability.

As stated earlier, it is for SUV and light truck enthusiast that stays on-road and yet wants the rugged looks of an off-road tire.

Despite its off-road looks, this tire delivers great on-road traction on a wet and dry surface with longer wear in comparison to off-road tires.

The Xplora MTS is referred to as M/T summer or sport tire.

Steve Hutchinson, an adviser to Federal says “This is a cross between an M/T type tire and a directional UHP, so it is a very odd crossover hybrid type of tire.”

And he went further to state the tire is for city dweller that loves the stylish look on their truck and jeep.

It is not for rock crawlers, neither is it meant for ploughing mud surfaces or off-road driving.

Jamie Ma, chairman of Federal Tire said that after taking a statistical report of an average American driver, they found out that most of them go more on-road than off-road, so they thought making this tire is going to be a good idea with the growing love for light trucks.

Then, there was a private showing of the tire at Sema and they got positive feedback so they decided to make the tire available in the market, said Ma.

This tire is available in 26 inch since mid-2020.

Tire Sizes


35×12.50R20LT 121Q


35×12.50R22LT 117Q, 37×12.50R22LT 127Q, 37×13.50R22LT 123Q, 40×15.50R22LT 128Q


35×12.50R24LT 114Q, 37×13.50R24LT 120Q, 38×15.50R24LT 127P, 40×15.50R24LT 128P, 42×15.50R24LT 130Q

Additional OE replacement sizes that will be available in size 17 and 18:


LT265/70R17 121/118Q 10PR, LT285/70R17 121/118Q 10PR, LT315/70R17 121/118Q 10PR


LT265/70R18 124/121Q 10PR, LT275/65R18 123/120Q 10PR, LT275/70R18 125/122Q 10PR.


  • Stylish looks
  • Tough sidewall
  • Sleek sidewall


  • This product does not come with a manufacturers tread life warranty
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

This tire is built for light truck and SUV enthusiasts who want both stylish-looking and rugged-looking tires for their truck.

Yet, they cannot go for off-road tires because they drive more on-road, highway and pavements.

With this tire, they can get the looks with a sporty driving feel.

This tire is a good choice for Ford F-Series, Nissan Frontier, Chevrolet Silverado, Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Colorado, Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Titan, Ranger, and other SUV and light trucks.


If a stylish look with an off-road tough look is what you desire on your SUV or light truck, as you enjoy your on-road drive while in control of your truck, then this tire is a good choice to try.

We hope you find our Federal Xplora MTS review helpful.

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