Nitto AT Tires

Nitto AT TiresNitto Tire Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Toyo Tire & Rubber Company Limited was established in Japan in 1949. It began manufacturing of tires in ‘80s thus becoming the first Japanese company to produce tire in the United States. The company is encouraged by passion to produce tires for drivers with divers needs ranging from pleasure rides to light commercial haulage.



In this article we will be giving you more information about Nitto AT tires which are Terra GrapplerG2 A/T, Terra Grappler A/T Light Truck 4X4 and Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire.


NITTO Terra Grappler G2 A/T

Terra Grappler G2 A/T Performance

Terra Grappler G2 A/T is Nitto’s 21st Century all-terrain tire good for both wet and dry surfaces suitable for both light trucks and SUVS. It comes with a Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty of 50,000 miles for light trucks and 65,000 miles for SUVs and a tread-wear of about 85,000km, wearing evenly after a considerable period of usage.

As you cruise to work, towing a trailer or headed up to your mountain trail you will find the tire’s balanced off – road and on – road performance supportive and dependable till you get to your destination. You will enjoy its low noise while driving thereby giving you maximum comfort you can expect on the wheel.

You need not worry cruising on mud, rough and rocky surfaces because it affords you the stability and perfect handling needed. Besides, it is affordable, durable and stable on the road.



  • Terra Grappler G2 offers stable control both on – and off-road environments.
  • The tread-life is longer and its firm grip on the road surface is higher compared with other types. The coupling joints are strongly supported connecting the outer tread blocks to the center blocks to increase the block edge rigidity.
  • Functional full depth sipes fixed on the tire maintains fine appearance and supports the tread designs as it wears slowly.
  • The likes of shoulder lugs (which provides additional biting edge in off-road condition), the dual sidewall designs (which enhances stability) and the computer-analyzed variable pitch tread block arrangement (which reduces highway noise) are distinctive features that stand-out Terra Grappler G2 from other common brands. 

Tire Sizes


LT 235/80R17 120/117R E BSW, 111T XL BSW, LT 245/70R17 119/116R E BSW, LT 245/75R17 121/118R E BSW, 265/65R17 116T XL BSW, 265/70R17 115T SL BSW, LT 265/70R17 121S E BSW, 285/70R17 116T SL BSW LT 285/70R17 121/118S E BSW, LT 285/75R17 121/118R E BSW, LT 295/70R17 121/118R E BSW, LT 305/70R17 121/118R E BSW, LT 315/70R17 121/118R E BSW, LT 35X12.50R17121R E BSW, LT 37X12.50R17 124R D BSW, LT 37X13.50R17 121R E BSW


255/55R18 109H XL BSW, P 255/70R18 112T SL BSW,265/60R18 114T XL BSW, 265/65R18116T XL BSW , LT 265/65R18 122/119R E BSW, 265/70R18116T SL BSW, LT 265/70R18 124/121R E BSW,275/65R18116T XL BSW, LT 275/65R18123/120S E BSW, LT 275/70R18125/122S E BSW, 285/60R18 120S XL BSW, LT 285/60R18122/119S E BSW, LT 285/65R18125/122R E BSW, LT 285/75R18129/126R E BSW, 295/70R18116S SL BSW, LT 295/70R18129/126Q E BSW, 305/60R18116S XL BSW, LT 305/65R18124/121R E BSW, LT 325/60R18124/121S E BSW, LT 325/65R18127R E BSW, LT 35X12.50R18123R E BSW, LT 35X12.50R18128R F BSW, LT 37X12.50R18128R E BSW, 265/50R20111S XL BSW


LT 265/60R20121/118S E BSW, 275/55R20117T XL BSW, 275/60R20116S SL BSW, 275/65R20116S SL BSW, LT 275/65R20126/123S E BSW, 285/50R20116S XL BSW, LT 285/55R20122/119S E BSW, LT 285/65R20127/124S E BSW, LT 295/60R20126/123Q E BSW, LT 295/65R20129/126S E BSW, 305/50R20120S XL BSW, 305/55R20116S XL BSW, LT 305/55R20121/118S E BSW, LT 305/55R20125/122S F BSW, LT 325/60R20126/123S E BSW, LT 35X11.50R20124R E BSW, LT 35X12.50R20125R F BSW, LT 35X12.50R20121R E BSW, LT 37X12.50R20126R E BSW, LT 37X13.50R20127R E BSW, 285/45R22114H XL BSW


LT 285/50R22121/118R E BSW, LT 285/55R22124/121R E BSW, 305/45R22118S XL BSW, LT 325/50R22122S E BSW, LT 33X12.50R22109R E BSW, LT 35X12.50R22117R E BSW


LT 325/45R24124R F BSW


Nitto Terra grappler


Nitto Terra grappler Performance

The Terra grappler is an all-terrain light truck 4×4 tire built for light trucks, 4×4 wheel drive, SUVs and passenger cars. Terra Grappler 4×4 tire combines both off-and on- road performance in wet and dry conditions, considerable comfort and low noise with guaranteed balanced performance in all weather conditions.

The traction is excellent with luxury handling in mud and soft sand in most all-year round driving conditions including light snow. Terra Grappler 4×4 all-terrain tire is affordable as well as dependable as you can control its stability even at high speed.

The commendable even tread-wear after about 75,000km coverage and the Manufacturer’s tread-life warranty of 50,000 miles for light trucks and 65,000 miles for SUVs put your mind at rest. You can audibly enjoy your car stereo while driving courtesy of low noise radiation from the tires.

What’s more! The tread-life is longer and its firm grip on the road surface is higher compared with other types. However, you may not enjoy the best of this tire on heavy snow.


  • The two sidewall design gives you a choice of controlling how your tire looks and assists greatly in weight balancing thereby eliminating unwanted vibrations.
  • The tread pattern void ratio supports off-road traction and on-road handling while the angled lateral voids on Terra Grappler expels water in wet condition and provides forward stability in dry conditions.
  • The functional full depth sipes fixed on the tire maintains fine appearance and supports the tread designs as it wears evenly and slowly.
  • The staggered shoulder lugs on the Nitto Terra Grappler provide additional biting edges in off-road conditions, especially in deep sand and loose dirt.
  • The coupling joints are strongly supported connecting the outer tread blocks to the center blocks to increase the block edge rigidity.



112S SL BSW LT 265/75R16 119Q D BSW, LT 265/75R16 123Q E BSW, LT 285/75R16122Q D BSW, LT 285/75R16126Q E BSW, LT 295/75R16123Q D BSW, LT 305/70R16124Q E BSW, LT 315/75R16121Q D BSW.


P 235/75R17108S SL BSW, P 245/70R17108S SL BSW, P 255/70R17110S SL BSW, LT 285/70R17126R E BSW, LT 295/70R17123R D BSW, T 305/70R17125R E BSW, LT 325/70R17121R D BSW


255/60R18112S XL BSW, LT 285/60R18123S E BSW, 355/65R18125R D BSW


355/60R20125R D BSW


305/40R22114S XL BSW


285/40R24112S XL BSW, P 305/35R24112S XL BSW, LT 315/50R24123R E BSW

Nitto Ridge Grappler 265/70R17 115T AT A/T All Terrain Tire

Nitto Ridge Grappler Performance


Ridge Grappler combines the durability of the Trail Grappler mud-terrain with the comfort and longevity of Terra Grappler all-terrain brands. It is the up-coming generation version of all Nitto’s Grappler series designed specially to tackle any terrain with confidence. This is a multi-purpose tire suitable for all safety-minded 4-wheel drivers which provides a quiet, comfortable ride.



The Ridge Grappler has variable pitch tread to create a smooth and quiet highway ride, alternating shoulder grooves for debris clearing & perfect traction, as well as a dual sidewall design for a peculiar look.

Its tight Centre tread with the deep effective lugs affords great off-road handling.

Lateral Z grooves are set in a zigzag pattern to provide biting edges for traction while Shoulder grooves are arranged in varied widths and lengths to clear mud and maintain traction.

The staggered shoulder tread provides additional off-road traction, thereby increasing contact with rocks to enhance smooth paddling on soft terrain.

The fixed stone ejector protects the bottom of groove from stone drilling to encourage self-cleaning and create zero vibration while on the move.

Advanced sound equipment employed creates pattern that enhances quietness on the highway.

The tapered base extension that connects the tread blocks together adds rigidity to the tread block to increase stability.




265/70R16 116T XL BSW, 265/75R16116T SL BSW, LT 265/75R16123/120Q E BSW, LT 285/75R16126/123Q E BSW, LT 305/70R16124/121Q E BSW


LT 255/80R17121/118Q E BSW 265/65R17116Q XL BSW, 265/70R17115T SL BSW

LT 265/70R17121/118Q E BSW, LT 265/70R17112/109S C BSW,285/70R17116Q SL BSW

LT 285/70R17116/113Q C BSW, LT 285/70R17121/118Q E BSW, LT 285/75R17121/118Q E BSW

LT 285/75R17117/114Q C BSW, LT 295/70R17121/118Q E BSW, LT 305/70R17121/118Q E BSW

LT 315/70R17121/118Q E BSW, LT 33X12.50R17120Q E BSW, LT 35X12.50R17121Q E BSW

LT 37X12.50R17124Q D BSW, LT 37X13.50R17121Q E BSW,


255/55R18109T XL BSW , 255/70R18116T XL BSW, 265/60R18114S XL BSW

265/65R18116T XL BSW , LT 265/65R18122/119Q E BSW, 265/70R18116S SL BSW

LT 265/70R18124/121Q E BSW, 275/65R18116T XL BSW, LT 275/65R18123/120Q E BSW

LT 275/70R18125/122Q E BSW, 285/60R18120T XL BSW, LT 285/60R18122/119Q E BSW

LT 285/65R18125/122Q E BSW, LT 285/70R18127/124Q E BSW, LT 285/75R18129/126Q E BSW

LT 295/70R18129/126Q E BSW, 305/60R18116Q SL BSW, LT 305/65R18128/125Q F BSW

LT 325/60R18124/121Q E BSW, LT 325/65R18127/124Q E BSW, LT 33X12.50R18122Q F BSW

LT 35X12.50R18128Q F BSW, LT 37X11.50R18127Q D BSW, LT 37X12.50R18128Q E BSW

LT 37X13.50R18124Q D BSW.


265/50R20111T XL BSW, LT 265/60R20121/118Q E BSW, 275/55R20117T XL BSW

LT 275/55R20120/117Q E BSW,275/60R20116T XL BSW, LT 275/60R20123/120Q E BSW

LT 275/65R20126/123Q E BSW, 285/50R20116Q XL BSW, LT 285/55R20122/119Q E BSW

LT 285/60R20125/122Q E BSW, LT 285/65R20127/124Q E BSW, LT 295/55R20123/120Q E BSW

LT 295/60R20126/123Q E BSW, LT 295/65R20129/126Q E BSW, 305/50R20120Q XL BSW

305/55R20116Q XL BSW, LT 305/55R20125/122Q F BSW, LT 325/60R20126/123Q E BSW

LT 33X11.50R20118Q E BSW, LT 33X12.50R20119Q F BSW, LT 35X11.50R20124Q E BSW

LT 35X12.50R20125Q F BSW, LT 35X13.50R20126Q F BSW, LT 37X12.50R20126Q E BSW

LT 37X13.50R20127Q E BSW, LT 38X13.50R20128Q E BSW.


285/45R22114Q XL BSW, LT 285/50R22121/118Q E BSW, LT 285/55R22124/121Q E BSW

305/45R22118T XL BSW, LT 325/50R22127Q F BSW, LT 33X12.50R22114Q F BSW

LT 35X12.50R22121Q F BSW, LT 37X12.50R22127Q F BSW, LT 37X13.50R22128Q F BSW

LT 38X13.50R22126Q E BSW, LT 315/50R24127/124Q F BSW, LT 37X13.50R24124Q F BSW

LT 38X13.50R24127Q F BSW.



Terra Grappler G2 A/T, Nitto Terra grappler (All Terrain Light-Truck 4×4) and Ridge Grappler are commendable all-terrain brands from Nitto Tire Company reputed for producing quality, affordable and durable tires for over 3 decades running.

The three brands are top quality, pocket-friendly, all-weather good, excellent performance with longer wear-years that you will gladly wish to buy depending on your choice any time any day.

You will not have any regret choosing any as justified value for your money is guaranteed and as long as it suits your driving condition. We hope you will find our Nitto AT tires review interesting and fascinating towards making a right choice.


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