Nokian One HT

The Nokian One HT is Nokian’s highway terrain all-season tire, designed for a pickup truck, large SUVs, and light trucks.

The new One HT will be replacing the previous Rotiiva HT, as it is an improved version of the Rotiiva.

The One HT will be available to consumers in 36 sizes with rim diameters from 16 to 22-inch diameter.

It is available with a speed rating of R and S for LT metric sizes and T and H for P metric sizes.

Nokian One HT


Nokian Tires is headquartered in Nokia, Finland.

They are known for designing tires for cars, trucks, buses, and heavy-duty equipment.

Nokian Tires operates the only permanent winter tire testing facility in the world.

Its Hakkapeliitta brand name is widely recognized by the company and you can also check their latest Hakkapeliitta tire.


  • Aramid Sidewall technology makes the sidewall resistant to cuts, chips and protects it against external impact especially on rough roads, which also aids durability.
  • Zigzag grooves and sipes for better traction on the snow surface and better cornering.
  • Stone ejector at the grooves which prevents stones in the grooves and wearing out the tire early.
  • Grip claws aid better traction and precise steering response.
  • Enhanced tread compound for durability and resistance to cuts and chips.

About The Nokian One HT

As mentioned earlier, the One HT is Nokian’s newest highway terrain all-season tire for truck and SUV drivers.

It is designed for drivers that journey mostly on the highway as it is equipped to deliver great performance on a dry surface, wet surface, and on mild snow.

It features a square shoulder design, an improved tread compound, and a series of circumferential grooves.

This along with other features gives you great grip on wet highway surfaces, aids all-weather traction, precise cornering, and prevents hydroplaning.

The tread and sidewall are engineered with Aramid sidewall technology with the presence of Aramid fiber which protects the tire sidewall from puncture and road hazard.

Hence, makes it durable and enjoyable for its consumer because there will not be fear of sudden blowout or tire sidewall cracking.

This tire is designed to meet the demands of North American roads and it is built to deliver safe performance to its consumer in most driving conditions, with excellent grip on a wet surface, a comfortable ride, and good performance on mild snow.

This tire is not advisable if you drive in extreme winter conditions.

In this case, you are better off with an excellent winter tire.

As Stated By Nokian

“The Nokian ONE HT is a result of rigorous testing around the globe, from Nokian Tyres’ winter test track in Ivalo, Finland to the back roads of South Africa, as well as across North America in the heart of Texas, mountains of Utah, and urban downtown of California. This testing brings drivers the toughness, safety, and sustainability they need, as well as new innovations, such as Aramid Armor to help resist damage from road hazards”.

“Nokian Tyres designed the Nokian ONE HT to perform safely and precisely in all conditions North American drivers are likely to face, including spring rain and summer heat. The tire is built to provide reliable grip, stability, and handling on dry, wet, and slick roads”.


  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Great cornering grip
  • Stability
  • Outstanding winter performance
  • Treadlife


  • Tires are difficult to find
Alfred's TakeAlfred's Take

The Nokian One HT is engineered with the latest technologies like the sidewall that is constructed with aramid fibers which are also used in aerospace and defense industries so the tire can deliver better off-road durability.

The One HT is Nokian’s first tire that is engineered with Aramid Amor.

The purpose of this is to enhance the LT metric size’s durability.


We will bring you more information about this tire soon.

However, we hope you find this information above helpful.

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