Best Rated Summer Tires – Buying Guide & FAQ

Generally, it is of the fact that, seasonal tires are recognized for giving a wonderful performance all round season. Sometimes you get to ask questions about what summer tires really are. Obviously like the name implies, the summers tires are tires that are specially designed to perform optimally in summer and warm climatic conditions.

We bring you a list of our best rated summer tires that are known to deliver quality and great performance during warm weather conditions with awesome features that are attributed only for the purpose of its task.

In terms of performance delivery and traction advantages during summer, summer tires are perfectly exceptional, but may sometimes not deliver a great performance in other seasons.

Guide and FAQ on summer tires

When should I replace my tire?

Many are not used to checking their car tires to know the conditions of the tires except when the tire needs inflation. As the vehicle efficiencies, performance and safety depends on the excellent performance of the tires in their traction and braking capabilities.

tire inflator

Though the routine of changing or replacing tires should not exceed 6 years, but in some occasions, one may encounter the unprecedented, and at some point, come to be aware that your car tires are wearing out, which might warrant changing or replacing the tires.

However, there are some tires that don’t require tread designs or even much tread before it can deliver a superb traction on dry roads. And as drivers’ abilities to control their vehicle depends on the traction between their car tires and the roads. Here are some tips to help notify you on when your car tires need to be replaced.

Primarily, the task of the tire tread is to distract water from underneath the tire, to aid traction and to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads. Once you notice that the tread is flat, it means the tire needs to be replaced.

There are bars which form horizontal bridges called tread wear bars and are usually the tire treads at the lower depths, in case in the condition of your vehicle tire you find out that the bars flushes with the tread and the tread becomes even with the wear bars, you should be on the go in getting another tire.

Lastly, when you notice a slip in the snow or skimming in the rain and the car not stopping at short distance on wet roads. It means the tread is wearing away or has worn away and the tread groove is reduced, then you need to replace the tires without further delay.

How do I select the right summer tires?

Many drivers who want summer tires are often confused and yet have been trapped in the thoughts of not knowing what they really need and which option of summer tires they should buy. Meanwhile, there are certain conditions to be guided with before reaching for their car summer tires.

It is also very important to know the size of your vehicle as advised by the manufacturer, down to the prescription of the speed and the load capacity that the tire can convey.

It is highly welcome in some cases if you wish to change your tires with tire size that are relatively higher than the previous one, but it must not exceed between the measurement of 0.59 to 1.8. Be mindful that it is of acceptable limit because if it is not it might give negative result on the traction and you might begin to experience discomfort during driving.

However, this may bring about high consumption of fuel and wrong readings from the dash board. It is not advisable to choose a lower load capacity and speed index because it may reduce the safety of the car.

Can summer tires be replaced by All Season tires?

When it comes to comparing all season tires to summer tires, there are wide differences between the tires and which could sometimes be misunderstood because each of them has their limitations and benefits, as one may seem perfectly okay than the other, depending on the driving conditions.

All season tires have some wonderful features like acceptable performance in wet and dry climatic conditions, as well as good traction on light snow. With a moderate tread depths and rubber compounds that are built to provide longer tread life span.

All Season tires comes with comfort in riding, handling and other awesome performance attributes, and are offered in many brands and models, sizes, load capacities and speed ratings for use on varieties of cars. Although, they offer less grip compared to summer tires but still perform well in warm climatic conditions.

Summer tires however are perfect just for summer, very good for vehicle with high performance features and are known to offer responsiveness, braking capabilities and are very excellent in maneuvering into bends. Built and designed for high speed and are very agile.

Engineered with rubber compounds and tread patterns that enhance a good traction on the road, but the tread patterns put more rubber on the road because of its less groove features. The tread patterns are however built to remain flexible, thereby aiding a perfect traction and grip.

Some other features in the design of summer tire are increased performance in wet and warm weather condition and also, its speed capabilities make it gets on the spot of high demands.

In other words, when choosing the tires that you feel are best suitable for you, one needs to consider the driving conditions, the climatic conditions of the geographical area and as well as the performance needs.

When should I switch from summer tires to winter tires and vice versa?

Most drivers are often faced with challenges of when to change their vehicle tires every year, having believed that you just must change from summer tires to winter tires immediately at early snow falls.

This is sometimes not that acceptable, because summer tires are specifically built to help conserve your fuel consumption and reduce noise that’s provided but doesn’t offer good traction when temperature goes down from 10° to 6°.

As a result of the drop-in temperature, the rubbers around the tires becomes resistant while the tread bars that helps to slush water starts to fall short of their performance functionalities, and hence loses traction on wet roads. Once you notice this with your tires, then there is need to change into winter tires.

Made of mild rubber and are not easily hardened, the winter tires also possess more composites tread pattern which doesn’t give room for water and snow to get stuck on it, despite the low climatic temperature, just that one might not have a way of avoiding the loud noise while driving and a very possible increase in the consumption of fuel.

As for switching winter tires for summer tires, it is strongly advisable to wait till may sometimes from the 12th to 20th of may which make it a better decision to be taken.

Reasons being that though, April month seems to sometimes be warm and the sky looking colorful in the morning with the average temperature of 14° to 15° but at nights, more snow falls are to be expected which may at times trend till the first week of May.

Can I put summer tires on the front wheel of my vehicle?

Putting summer tires on the front wheel of your vehicle is not as important as being put in the know of the side effects of mixing your vehicle tires.

Apart from the fact that it is illegal in some countries to fit mixed tires on your vehicle, either on the front or rear wheel.

It helps to guide against excess and uncontrolled speed, also to help avoid great danger, it is recommended that you endeavor to fit your vehicle wheels with tires of the same brand, sizes, tread pattern and also of the same load capabilities and speed index.

As recommended by the specifications of the manufacturer of your vehicle. However, if you must, sought an expert’s opinion on mixing your vehicle tires or there is a need for such decision you can check and do as prescribed in the manufacturer’s car manual guide.

List of best summer tires 2019


Michelin Pilot Super Sport

1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires:

The Michelin pilot super sport is an ultra-high-performance summer tires designed for super sport cars. Having a standard warranty of 6 years, the tire is got you going comfortably on a long street drive with its 50,000 kilometer which aids a good tread life span.

With a dependable legacy of ultimate production of top-quality tires in the world, this tire is no doubt a plus to the big name of Michelin, as its featured with a wonderful handling precision, while it continuously enhances fuel efficiency, durability and a well guaranteed safety.

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Continental extreme contact sport

2. Continental extreme contact sport:

In the world of tire manufacturing, continental tires is one of the best to be reckoned with along other big brands out there that produce quality tires. Another proof of their beautiful production, is the continental extreme contact sport.

These versatile Ultra High-Performance summer tires are purposed in its production, for car enthusiasts. Engineered for extreme grip in wet and dry conditions, while it provides perfect handling control and a guaranteed safety on slippery or wet roads with an awesome tread life span.

Featured with 50,000-mile limited mileage warranty, its traction grooves improves snow performance through an increased pattern edges, while X-sipes technology improves braking, cornering and enhance a perfect acceleration on wet, icy surfaces and snowy conditions but might not be able to perform at its best in an extremely high climatic snowy weather.

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Nitto Nt555 Extreme ZR

3. Nitto Nt555 Extreme ZR:

In case you are in search of tires that is got you covered on acceleration and high-speed braking, even on straight roads and corners, look no further because the Nitto NT555 extreme ZR is here with the best answers for you.

The Nitto NT555 extreme ZR is an Ultra High-performance summer tires that promotes excellent all-weather traction, with its composites and great skimming resistance through its circumferential lateral grooves. Built for performance vehicles anyways, its larger contact patch aids the tires acceleration and high speed power braking and cornering ability.

Delivering a high-speed dry performance, even to the awesome responsiveness of the steering and driving stability, you owe it all to the enhanced contact patch, the NT555 extreme ZR’s internal structures of twin steel belts and joint less edge ply increases the high speed durability and stability while it still maintains the optimal shape of the tire.

Its advanced high technology tire compounds help to provide excellent summer traction while the tread grooves are resistant to hydroplaning.

The tires variable pitch design performs the magic of canceling the road noise that are sometimes heard in the vehicle cabin, and with this, you’re left to cruising your ride smoothly with no problem at all.

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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT

4. Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT:

The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is one of the best new premium Ultra performance summer tires. It helps to deliver enhanced dry grip, along with a perfect responsive steering, cornering stability and handling.

Except for the fact that, the tires are very poor when it comes to handling and which at sometimes causes over steer and hence are not fitting into use during freezing weather temperatures, be it on Icy surfaces or on snow.

However, its noise shield technology is adhered a sound absorbing layer foam that is built into the inner liner of the tire which performs noise reduction.

The Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT also comes with a highly refined carbon black tread compound technology that is molded into an asymmetric tread design, featuring formed tread blocks and a continuous middle rib.

They also come with a rayon cord casing and a unique bead to enhance high seed capability and a perfect ride. Its spirally wrapped twin belts with a joint less band also is not left out.



Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2


5. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 Summer Radial Tire:

A very quiet tire among others in its class, possesses lots of great features with good steering response that provides consistent performance in dry and wet climatic conditions. 

But the Hankook ventus V12 evo 2 is a very outstanding tire as it possesses good manners on the road. Though at some point, it may feel kind of soft while negotiating corners, still a great and comfort ride is totally assured from these tires.

When it comes to fear of noise, that is obviously nothing to be worried about, applaud goes to its 5-inch tread sequence, which enhance a very quiet ride. With its circumferential and lateral grooves which does the magic of evacuating water and helps the tires to grip on skimming roads at summer.

The high grip silica tread compound also improves its fuel efficiencies and a designed tread to aid good grip on dry roads.

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BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2

6. BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Radial Tire:

This is a good tire which will be great on your vehicle during summer. It features hooked tread design which gives good biting edges and good grip at cornering angles. Also, off-set shoulder groove which maximizes its tread contact for better cornering abilities.

Built with great tread pattern that gives your vehicle stability and good handling while driving. The tread channels water properly on wet roads and give good grips on dry surfaces. A great choice for warm climate driving conditions.

All BFGoodrich tires have a standard manufacturer limited warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and for the materials used in its original usable tread composition, or for 6 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first. However, check the warranty prescription for proper details.

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Pirelli P ZERO


7. Pirelli P ZERO High Performance Tire:

This is a high-performance summer tire for sport car and performance sedans. Built with the asymmetric tread design which will give you a better grip and great handling while driving.

This tire is majorly purposed for riders who are admirers of certain spec of cars like sedan and sport cars or probably drives one.

Has great shoulder blocks for better cornering ability. Delivers good braking performances on both dry and wet surfaces. Reduced road noise and rigid blocks to improve its handling.

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Firestone firehawk indy 500

8. Firestone firehawk indy 500:

With an inspiration of its racing heritage and an invention in their new tread design. With features of a proprietary pulse groove water channel, you can’t but be willing to have the firehawk indy 500 Ultra High-Performance summer tires from Firestone on your car.

Its performance is of a great value, providing an improved water evacuation and a shorter stopping distance on wet roads. The Firehawk Indy 500 tires have tread and wide shoulder blocks, which helps to provide a very impressive handling and braking on wet roads and maneuvering into sharp bends on dry surfaces.

Though, the tires as perfect and awesome in the performance they provide, they are not good option of tires during cold or freezing weather conditions, like on Icy surfaces or on snow.

But be guaranteed that you will get the value of the money spent on these tires as it provides you a comfortable ride without harshness during summer. With Its featured wide shoulders which gives an increase into the tires stiffness to provide dynamic cornering.


Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT


9. Bridgestone Potenza RE050A RFT Radial Tire:

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A is designed specifically for sports car, sports coupe and sedan drivers, built to deliver solid dry and wet traction with exceptional cornering grip and good stability.

It has 90{2e1e219470849bf7ec91275b0a9fbc84b08096e911ffdb617f5afdb5ab7ea907} silica content tread compound and built with an asymmetric tread design, it has large tread blocks and a continuous center rib which gives stable driving on road surfaces and good performance during driving. Also, gives good grip in dry and wet conditions.

Designed with a unique run-flat technology which allows you to drive up to 50 mph for 50 miles if unfortunately, you get a flat tire. Features a run flat version, with a great level of comfort and minimal road noise. The one disadvantage of this tire version, is that you can’t drive on these tires when temperature gets below 40 degrees or in winter weather condition.

Comes with a great warranty for materials and workmanship, you get 5-years warranty which includes free replacement during the first 3-years. A prorated amount is given for the remaining time period.

There is also a 30-day buy and try guarantee that allows you to refund or exchange the tires when you are not satisfied with the purchase.

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Federal 595 Evo

10. Federal 595 Evo tire:

Federal 595 evo tire is a summer high-performance tire at a lower cost. This model from the federal is suited for all types of sports cars, coupes and high-powered sedans.

It has technological advance design and aggressive looking tread pattern that features a scorching flame on the sidewall.

Delivers good handling while driving and has a good grip and stability. Quite affordable and has low noise while driving. Rides just great on rough pavement or potholes. Has a good cornering ability and delivers a good ride quality.

Built with a summer tread compound and unique advanced 3-D tread design which gives the tire added traction and good handling on dry pavement. Also, a large solid shoulder blocks, which as well aids impressive cornering grip and stability.

The federal 595 evo has a lot of features which are always at your services when you call. From its main groove built in 4, which disperses water effectively in order to prevent hydroplaning.

To the optimized tread pitch that provides noise reduction and offers you a comfortable ride even at high speed, while it delivers exceptional grip, responsive steering and precise cornering. And the reinforcement of the central rib that delivers straight line stability



Here is our list of summer tires that will suit your different driving conditions, from high performance tire to sport tires to ultra-high-performance tires for car enthusiasts with good handling on dry pavement, good grip when driving, great warranties, technological advancement, great cornering abilities, great treads, good tread wear and good ride quality from different brands.

You sure can have the most comfortable ride with any of these tires. We hope you find the list helpful, if you have any comment or question please leave it in the comment box below and we will be glad to help.

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