Continental Tires For Cars

Continental Snow/Winter Tires Continental IceContact XTRM Continental VikingContact 7 Continental winter contact SI Continental All-Season Tires Continental Terraincontact H/T Continental Crosscontact LX25 Continental Procontact TX Continental Contiprocontact Continental Purecontact LS Continental Extreme Contact DWS Continental CrossContact LX20 Continental All-Terrain Tires Continental TerrainContact AT Continental Heavy Truck Tire Continental HSR+ Regional Tire Continental HDR+ Regional Tire …

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Continental Regional Tire HSR+ HDR+

Continental Tire (the Americas’ Commercial Vehicle Tire group) has released HSR (Heavy Steer Regional) and HDR (Heavy Drive Regional) as updates to its best-selling commercial light truck tires suitable for commercial light truck whose businesses depend on just goods deliveries traveling over a longer period of time with loads.     Continental HSR+ and HDR+ …

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Continental’s new IceContact XTRM is a studded winter tire designed in collaboration with Groupe Touchette, Canada, recently introduced with combined characteristics needed to combat extreme snow and wintry situations. Targeting vehicles such as full-size compact cars, crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks, the IceContact will be available in 46 different sizes of 15 to 22”rim diameter …


Continental AT Tires

Continental Tire Manufacturing Company was formed in Hanover, Germany in 1871 to produce soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics and solid tires for carriages and bicycles. Continental has carved a niche for itself as an industry-leader in technical tire development with arrays of various passenger and light truck tires for Original Equipment and replacement markets. For …

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Continental TerrainContact H/T Review

Continental TerrainContact H/T

GET UP TO 40% OFF TODAY’S DEALS ON AMAZON The new Continental TerrainContact H/T is an highway all season tire built to deliver all season traction on most driving surface. It can be paired with pick-up truck and full-sized SUV. Terrain Contact H/T delivers a confident handling, great highway performance, an all-season grip, with good …

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Continental Contiprocontact Reviews

Continental contiprocontact

Continental contiprocontact is an all-season built tire, that gives excellent performance on dry and wet driving surface. It is designed for a wide range of coupes and sedans, while delivering smooth and quiet ride with traction expected of an all-season tire. A grand touring all season tire and you can expect an average performance from …

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Continental Purecontact LS Review

Continental Purecontact LS Review

Continental purecontact LS is a grand touring all season tire, a great improvement from its predecessor which is the purecontact. This tire is built for coupe, sedan, small crossover and minivans. Tire built for lovers of a sporty feel when behind the wheels, as stated by continental “A luxury sport performance tire that delivers a …

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